Why Authors Need Social Media

By Elite Online Publishing


Social media is such an integral part of our everyday lives that sometimes, we forget the impact it can have. Authors must rely on social media when it comes to their books because of the fact it is how they create their online marketing strategy.

By using social media, you can guide people to your author’s website, landing pages, and to Amazon where they can actually buy your book. Make sure your social media profiles look fantastic. Your profile picture should be professionally taken. You don’t look like a serious author if you have that old, unflattering profile picture from 10 years ago still up. Your should include that you are an author in your bio and at least put a link where people can buy your book on Amazon.

You can find new people who want to read your books. Since everyone is connected by social media, a follower that you may have might have a friend who saw their friend retweeting your tweets and decided that they want to follow you as well. They can start to look up what kind of books you have out and can decide to buy them.

You will reach a whole new level of networking. Not only will you meet other authors that can support each other in the selling of their books, but you can meet people who can help you with your marketing, publicists, editors, designers, reviewers, and so much more. These people can help you in one way or another then and there or sometime in the future.

Social media can help you build your community. With this community that you build, you can host giveaways and contests. Any community is close because of the relationship that they share. Having social media is the place for you to build connections with those that follow you, and they will be more inclined to participate in your contests or buy any books you write because they know you as a person.

It’s important to not overuse social media. We all have that one person who posts way too much in a short amount of time, and it gets so annoying to the point that you don’t even read anything that they post. We certainly don’t want that to happen. As well, you don’t want to private message any of them to tell them to buy your book. It can come off as rude, and they won’t want to buy it.

Social media can be an author’s best friend, and with these tips, you will always have a buzz about what you’re doing in the publishing world.

--Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster - The Brand Building Publishers

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