What Would You Do With Months Left To Live?

By Jenny Mulks


This week sparks a shift in the air and begins the "Season of Gratitude" as we head toward Thanksgiving. For many, it is a spirit of thanks and the practice of giving. But why wait for a holiday, a season or a tragedy to ignite this shift?

Life's precious and irreplaceable commodities...  Time. Health. Love.

When I was told I had months to live, I realized I wasn't embracing each of these gifts to the fullest capacity. I took them for granted as though there was an endless supply of each. It became so clear to me that any of these commodities wasted, abused or taken for granted was short-changing my everyday experience and my happiness quotient here on earth.

What are you doing with your gifts?

How are you sharing them?

Watch this video to hear how THAT day began my Season of Hope, which is on all of our calendars, every single day of the year. Join me on this journey and take the opportunity to "Have Thanks, Give Hope", today!


To learn more about the mission of Along Comes Hope®, go to: www.AlongComesHope.com

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving celebration. May you be ignited with thanks and giving every day, and not just for a holiday!

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