What a Book Will Do For You

By Jenn Foster


The book that you write is an extension of who you are. For that reason, once you have a book published, you will see that your book can do many things for you.

It can increase your speaking platform.

When you write a book, it makes you an expert in the topic that you wrote about. Think about it: you knew you had the knowledge to write a book about what you know. Even if you needed to research some items, what you gathered from your search not only helped you complete your book, but it increased your expertise of the subject as well. How much your speaking platform increases depends on the topic that you are writing about. Very specific topics will warrant a small audience that has a special interest in the topic that you are writing about. The broader the topic, the more people you can touch. This is not always the case however, and it can vary depending on what you are writing about. One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to your book and your platform is engagement. When you reach out to others who have a connection with your book, your platform becomes more solid.

It can help increase your rates as a speaker

Publishing a book creates a higher demand for you to speak at events than a life coach. Your message is more concrete because not only do you have just your ideas that you can talk to people about, but you also have a novel to show that your message is a concrete product that people have read and want to know about. It will be a slow increase, but it will get better as you show to people what you can do, and you will see that people will demand to hear you speak at events. If increasing your rates is truly your goal, there are other ways that can help you accomplish your goal. It is a good idea to start local. People have connections everywhere so once you start small such as speaking at local events and mentioning your book, word can spread to places you wouldn’t have even thought of. It is important to speak to the niche you create with the topic of your book. Whether it be big or small, you can still create an impact within it that can help increase your rates as a speaker.

There are many other ways that your book can change your life for the better. Some of the results might not have been what you expected at all! Go ahead and get to writing, and get ready to see your life change.

-- Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster - The Brand Building Publishers

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