Transitions Lifestyle

By Sarah Marshank


Trees don’t seek out a therapist to help transition from autumn to winter. Day does not fear the inevitability of night. The moon doesn’t grieve the loss of fullness when it’s time to wane. What if we don't need to learn how to navigate transitions. Instead, why not discover how to be in right relationship with our inner landscape and adjust our attitude towards change? We lead ourselves to believe that we might be able to avoid what we don’t want or imagine that we can intentionally manifest our preferences. Though there are many self-help formulas claiming to teach the secrets of manifesting our desires and dreams, I prefer to orient my practice and teaching towards the dynamic relationship between our inner and outer life, cultivating a healthy response to what is, while being receptive to what might be. This is a lifestyle adjustment.

Ever notice the inevitability of the exhale after the inhale and the inhale after the exhale? Feel how the inhale peaks just before the exhale. Take a breath right now and see if you can pause at the transitions for a second or two. If you pay attention, you’ll see where your will has permission to partake. In the pause, you can hold back or push forward: however, you cannot alter the inevitability of breathing. You might bemoan the fact that your breathing is stifled by mucus from a cold but within the natural parameters of breathing you cannot change breath’s fate. It’s the natural order for inhaling and exhaling to happen.

Through self awareness and noticing the voices inside that run commentary on how we are doing or not doing life correctly we can turn the volume down on the critique and turn it up on the awareness of our unfolding destiny.

If all of life is a transition from birth to death, how will you choose to exert your will in navigating this transition? Resistance and criticism, or creativity, awareness, and surrender? I’ll venture the claim that, if we have any free will at all, it is solely in this regard.

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