The Key to Living a Peaceful Stress Free Life

By Bill Heinrich


A mirror might be the best tool available for personal growth.  It is the easiest way to identify any problem in our life.  Go look in the mirror!

The idea of a mirror, reveals the beginning, the very first step in personal transformation -- taking responsibility for your life. It’s the realization that you are the creator of all of your life’s experiences -- your thoughts, words and actions create your life. Every thought word and action has a cause and effect. We are either creating and then observing the results, or we are in reaction to some person,place or thing. A reaction is a conditioned response to something you heard or saw and it ignites an emotional belief inside of you. Something from the past an old belief that allows emotions to get ignited and we go into reaction. We literally lose control and go on auto pilot.  When we live consciously, everything we do is a conscious choice in each moment.  Instead of reacting….change the spelling and move the ‘c” to the front and you will be creating!!!

The world is a mirror. The only thing you can see in the world is you!  Everything you see is a reflection of what is happening inside of you. The easiest way to live stress free is to understand what is happening inside of you. This is called the “inner game” and we will see a reflection of what is happening inside on the outside in our lives.

When I learned the world was a mirror it was difficult to accept at first. I can remember clearly, always blaming everyone else for how I felt and what was happening in my life.  I was a victim.  When I looked at my role as a victim, I learned that victims are always part of the problem and they spend their lives living in reaction to what is happening around them. Victims are typically on attack blaming, judging and shaming others.

It was a miserable way to live but it had one benefit that I really liked.  There were always more than enough people that wanted to join in, agreeing with me and even providing more negative facts to fuel the fires of anger, jealousy, lack of self worth and hatred. That’s how you are  creating chaos and stress!

As a victim, I created a lot of other victims in my world, attacking, blaming and judging me. I built prison walls around my heart to make sure no one could reach me, without realizing what I was doing. My primary goal in life became to protect my position rather than share my heart.  I lived a defensive life. It was a very stressful and lonely place to live.

When I learned that the only thing I ever saw in life was a reflection of me it allowed me to start tearing down the walls, one-by-one.  As I took responsibility for my life, and stopped playing the role of a victim, I stopped attracting others into my life who were playing that role. Without others blaming and judging me, I was able to open to drop my defensiveness, and open my heart, letting others into my life. The world that is reflected back to me now is different than the one that was reflected back to me in earlier years. Now it is a peaceful world full of people who are also doing the best they can in the moment. My focus is on living peacefully by being fully responsible for everything in my world.

That process of seeing what life reflects back to me, continues today and will never end. My spiritual responsibility is to hold myself accountable for anything that is in my life. By holding myself accountable, I’ve learned something else. Life is exciting and every day is a learning experience.  I am grateful for all of the experiences in my life which allow me to grow, and to share new perspectives from my mirror of love and spiritual responsibility.

Responsibility is the key to living a stress free life. We are allowing ourselves the power to create solutions for any situation, bringing more peacefulness into the world.

Bill Heinrich

“The Divine Purpose Guy”