The Four Steps To Reaching Your Dream

By Don McGrath


Do you have a dream? Do you really want to reach it? In this article I describe the four steps that I uncovered on my journey that you need to take to turn your dreams into goals, and your goals into reality. The Figure illustrates these four steps.

  1. Goals – What do you want and need to do?
  2. Plan – How will you do it?
  3. Execution – Doing the work
  4. Celebration – Yeah!

Your goals form your foundation at the base. These are things that must occur in order for you to reach your dream. It is critical to get your goals right, as they set the direction for the whole rest of the process. Many times, when I ask someone if they have a dream, they say “of course I do.” But, when I ask them what it is, they typically share what they don’t want.

“I don’t want to have to work,” they’ll say. Or they will share some vague idea of what they want. If your dream is defined by what you don’t want, you will NEVER get what you WANT! You dream needs to be SPECIFIC and very clear. Without this, you will probably end up letting circumstances and opportunities determine where you go.

Does this sound familiar? I have uncovered a process for getting crystal clear on dreams and distilling out goals. If you are interested in learning it, you can register for my free course, The Entrepreneur’s CLIMB. The step after setting your goals is to create a plan on how to reach your goals. It's important to have a good plan, but you need to know that your plan will likely change over time, as you encounter unexpected things. In my free course I show you how to build a 90-day plan. By far, most of your time and effort is spent in step three, execution. Because this is a long-term process, your execution probably won’t be as straight forward as you want it to be. As your life changes, you need to be flexible with how you execute your plan, to account for unexpected and fluctuating circumstances. Execution is the meat and bones of getting you to your goal. It’s perhaps the hardest, messiest part of reaching your goal. When you are willing to keep your commitment to your goals and make adjustments as you need to, you’ll eventually reach the top of the pyramid, Celebration. I promise!

In order to really commit to all aspects of this process, you must belief that you can do it. This means having the right Mindset and it feeds every step of the process. In the Figure, it is shown as the air, the oxygen that makes every step to the summit possible. You can learn to develop the mindset that has you pushing to the summit in my free course too.

  • Is your dream clear?
  • Are your goals clear?
  • Do you have your plan?
  • Are you working toward your dream?

If not, I would encourage you to enroll in my free course.

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