The #1 Mistake That Will Make You Fail At Business

By Loren Slocum Lahav


The word ͞fail͟ isn’t even in my vocabulary. That doesn’t mean that I succeed at everything I do but it does mean that I use every ͞non-success͟ as a learning opportunity therefore it’s not a fail.  But, when it comes to business there is one single thing that can cause your business to come to a screeching halt before it even gets off the ground.

#1 Mistake = Not knowing about or believing in the benefits of your product or service.

It doesn’t matter if you work for someone else, own your own brick-and-mortar business, own an online business, run a non-profit, or are a network marketing professional like me. If you aren’t 100% educated on your product/services and do not believe in the benefits, you won’t succeed. It’s just that simple.

Know your product/service: It’s not good enough to know what the brochure says about your product/service. Anyone can read the brochure. You need to be educated on a deeper level. You need to really know what the ͞pain points͟ of your ideal client are and be able to answer their questions and address their concerns.

Be a believer: If you hesitate at all when asked about your product/service, you will instantly be labeled as a non-believer. Think about something you are passionate about; it may be your faith, politics, the gym you go to, or the new restaurant in town. Whatever it is, when you talk about it your face lights up, your voice is strong and confident, and you exude passion. If you don’t display those same traits when describing your product or service, you are not going to convince anyone of how awesome it is.

My son and I talk about our passion for Network Marketing in this 3-minute video, A Better Way –Mother Knows Best. I may be bias but I think it is perfectly clear that we have a real love for what we do. We not only believe in our business but we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we can and do help people. We make a difference in their quality of life!

We believe when you add value to the life of another person that you automatically add value to your life as well.

So my question for all my business friends, family, and followers: Are you making the #1 mistake in your business? If so, maybe you haven’t found the right fit for you. OR, maybe you need to educate yourself more by learning everything there is to know about your product/service. Build your confidence. Become the expert. You need to become a client and use the product so that you experience the benefits first hand. And then you need to shout it from the rooftops.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, it serves a purpose and it provides a necessary benefit for your clients. And when you help others, the Universe takes notice and your life will be enriched. No doubt!

~xoxo Loren

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