A Better Way To Write Copy For Lead Gen

By Paul Talbot


When your goal is to generate more leads, the process can be as simple as...

  • Writing 400 words of valuable content.
  • Getting it in front of the right people.
  • Asking these people to do something.

Platforms ranging from Twitter to LinkedIn can promote this content, but let’s look at the content itself.

The Ingredients Of Valuable Content

Valuable content instantly identifies the problem your prospects want to solve.

It is easy to write a long introduction and ease into the problem. But your prospects don’t want this.

Start your piece with a sentence or two to let prospects know they’re in the right place to get the information they want.

An easy way to do this is with a direct question.

Looking for an easier way to improve the quality of your mobile phone pictures when resolution is low?

Or with a direct statement...

Here’s an easier way to improve the quality of your mobile phone pictures when resolution is low.

The key is to let your prospects know that you’re on the same page, and you’re talking about solving the same problem.

Next, you want your prospects to know that you’ve got the expertise to solve this problem.

Up until now, the key to making your pictures look better is to use the bicubic smoother in Photoshop.

If your prospects already know this fact, no problem, because they now know that you at least have some basic knowledge.

You and your prospects have something to agree on, and you’re no longer viewed suspiciously or skeptically. You’ve established some credibility.

And if prospects don’t know about the bicubic smoother in Photoshop, then you’ve already started to educate them. Once again, you’re building credibility, which is the single most important aspect of taking a stranger and turning them into a lead.

What To Write Next

Write something that keeps prospects interested in learning more about you, and why your solution to their problem is the one that should be paid attention to.

But Photoshop can be complicated, and even when you know how to use bicubic smoother, the tool can give uneven results. That’s why we developed a simple plug in that changes the way you can make low resolution problems go away.

What you’ve done here is draw your prospects deeper into the benefits you provide, and the unique capability you offer to solve the prospects’ problem.

At this point, your prospects are probably thinking, “This sounds like it might work. I’d like to find out more.”

You can now do one of two things. You can ask the prospects to give you their email address so you can send information on the plugin, or you can keep going with more information.

In most cases, there’s no need to keep going.

You’ve presented enough information to capture the interest of the prospects, establish credibility, and give them new information to motivate action.

This tactic works for landing pages, emails, and blog posts.

Use it. You’ll improve your conversions and do better at lead gen.