Move out Of Your Comfort Zone: Go meet Success

By Carlos Siqueira


As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal ~ Robin Sharma

As humans, we make choices everyday. It’s these choices we make that determine what we do, the situations we end up having to deal with, and finally our choices will also pave the path to our goals.

The trouble is that our minds often lie to us. Our mind has developed what are known as heuristics (shortcuts) that makes it easy to make decisions. Your mind then, is quick to make decisions for you (like should you run when you see the saber-toothed tiger or not?) and it serves us well most of the time (and that’s why it exists).

But these heuristics also have a negative side to them: your mind lies to you often. It lets you believe, feel, and do things that often put you in your comfort zone.

Want to shoot a video? Your mind tells you that you look ugly.

Want to talk to strangers? Your mind scares you by making you feel unsafe or embarrasses you by telling you that you’d make a fool of yourself.

Your mind tricks you with a host of things including confirmation bias (you only agree with with what you want to agree with), recency bias (what happened recently must be true and universal), etc.

But then, you must have heard this saying: “You get what you get if you only did what you normally do”. Or like my militaristic grandpa used to say with a belt in his hands during the beatings I got as a ten year old kid for trying to defend my grandma from him while he was drunk: “You get what you tolerate son. But sometimes it will hurt more than what you can tolerate for getting in between others people's business.”

Pick your battles carefully, but go for it. There is no “how”. Find a way if you really want this dream of yours bad enough. That’s why moving out of your comfort zone is one of the shortest ways to achieve the mindset you’d need to succeed ( you can define whatever success means to you).

If you noticed, most of us already push ourselves off our comfort zone to achieve absolutely anything:

· Want to lose weight? You’d have to give up on all those foods you loved to eat.

· Want to build muscle? Gradually increase weights.

· Want to become a public speaker? Well, you’d have to get on stage and do exactly what you thought you feared.

· Want to start a business? Get out of that full-time job or do both simultaneously independent of how hard you got put in the work upfront. This pain will pay off. You will feel uncertain, but in the end, I promise you, it pays off.

Everyone you have known who’ve achieved whatever they’ve achieved have all moved out of their comfort zone.

Once you move out of your comfort zone, no matter how scary or how unattainable it might seem, you are already on your way to success.

After moving out, it’s only a matter of how long you keep at it and how gradually you progress with practice and then honing your craft.

To do this, however, you’d have to be specific and clear about what lies outside of your comfort zone. Know what’s involved. Visualize difficult situations ahead of time and how are you going to deal with it. Internalize it and prepare for it. Plus, you don’t have to do anything death-defying to make “moving out of the comfort zone” a continual habit.

In fact, you can start with very simple things. Talking to strangers, traveling to unknown places, eating food you never tried, taking a new route to work, trying out new things, starting a new hobby, and pretty much anything you never did before.

Remember the quote from Michael Jordan, he failed so many times, that’s why he end up succeeding. Keep failing forward. Don’t try to be perfect or looking for ways to be right all the time, just do your best and make an impact every day and with everyone you meet. Know that certainty is the enemy of growth. Nothing is certain in the days we live. All we know for certain is the sun will come tomorrow. Other than that, let's live with intention every day.

Kathy Caprino of Forbes writes about David Van Rooy [] – Walmart’s Senior Director of International Human Resources Strategy and Operations. David’s insights about moving out of the comfort zone and pushing yourself are remarkably simple:

· You’ll find a new you

· You’ll define yourself authentically

· You’ll gain control of your life.

· Your life experience will be fuller and richer.

As Lori Thayer of LifeHack writes [],

“When you try new things and stretch your limits you will find that they aren’t where you thought you were. You are capable of so much more than you ever believed”

Success truly lies on the other side of your comfort zone. It’s time for you to start befriend “abnormal”, the “weird”, the “ridiculous”, and the “scary”.

As I like to say, don’t ever give up on your dreams. Burn the boat of any limited beliefs and just go for it. You’ll figure out everything while you are at it, and it’s your job to put yourself (and your dreams) out there in the world by letting everyone know.

Are you moving out of your comfort zone yet?

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