By Jenny Mulks


(Sharing a post written on behalf of me and our Along Comes Hope® Financial Advisory Board Advocate, Jeffrey A. Forrest)

Two years ago, I met a local financial adviser, Jeffrey A. Forrest with The CORE Financial Group, who is amongst an elite group of advisers who have earned their Certified Specialist in Planned Giving designation through the Graduate Studies program at Long Beach University. Two weeks ago, while having an update lunch with Jeff, he gave me a “taste” as to how our regular and new donors can give to Along Comes Hope ® without it affecting their existing cash flow. Separate and distinct from his educational achievements, Jeff has served for over a quarter of a century on non-profit boards with an emphasis on creative fund-raising. Lastly, Jeff has agreed to provide as a special donation, any advice, counsel, or direction to assist you in giving more to Along Comes Hope®. This includes covering any “legal costs” should you choose to incorporate a designated gift within your current estate planning. Please feel free to call Jeff directly if any of his ideas hit your hearts but you don’t want it to hit your pocketbooks!! His direct line is: 805-452-5327 and his email is [email protected]


After having lunch with the big hearted Founder and Executive Director, of Along Comes Hope®, I was inspired to reduce to writing some of the key creative and planned gifts that other clients have used to support their charitable and worthwhile causes. The easy advice that I can give to you, as a regular ACH supporter, is to simply open up your checkbook and write the biggest check you can to support Jenny’s movement to positively help families whose children have been afflicted with cancer. However, it takes a bit more conscious thought as to how you can give both NOW and LATER with any current costs to you whatsoever.


If you typically do receive an income tax refund, this means that your are simply overpaying your income tax liabilities. Based on this historical knowledge, you can go to your HR or Payroll department today and have them change your withholding so that your next paycheck is BIGGER. Take this difference, use 1/2 of it to do something positive for yourself and use the other half to make a donation for the balance of 2016 to Along Comes Hope®. Super simple with no immediate “out of pocket” costs to you.

If you have a large balance in your bank accounts paying you how much interest? That’s right, practically nothing, you can re-allocate a portion of your funds to an Equity-Indexed Fixed Annuity that might guarantee you a 5-6% lifetime annual return, without any market risk whatsoever. You can then do a repeat of #1 and use 1/2 to benefit your current lifestyle and the balance to give to Along Comes Hope®.

Some of you are sitting on 20 or 30 year old “whole life insurance policies” and if so, you can call your insurance company and have them send to you, tax free, any future dividends (tax free) and then do the same allocation in #1. You’ll actually receive an income tax deduction from your ACH donation and thus SAVE income taxes.


You can add Along Comes Hope as a named beneficiary on your life insurance or your retirement accounts. This costs you nothing and would allow you to share out of your, or your families excess profits/resources which may come from your untimely demise. You might as well go out a winner and be able to positively impact Along Comes Hope. If your entire nuclear family were to go to the hereafter in a common accident, who gets your estate? If you are a DINK couple (Double Income No Kids), who have you listed as your estate beneficiaries? In any of these examples, adding Along Comes Hope® as a named beneficiary/recipient costs you nothing now or later.

If you are fortunate enough to be concerned about paying estate taxes, then with one simple addition to your living trust, we can make 100% of your estate taxes disappear. Using a “testamentary Charitable Lead Annuity Trust” naming Along Comes Hope® as the “lead beneficiary” allows you and your family to “re-direct” money which would have gone on a one-way trip to the IRS to Along Comes Hope®.

If you are still reading this, congratulations, you are in the top 5% of all researchers, readers, and most likely, doers! I would love to chat with you further and to see if any of these ideas may fit with your plans. I am biased though, so be careful! If we find ways in which you can GIVE MORE NOW and LATER, I will be suggesting that you giving the lion’s share to Along Comes Hope®. Jenny in an inspiration as a cancer thriver and also as an unselfish, giving, generous, and caring Founder and Executive Director. Let me help you help Jenny help many many more children who are simply waiting for Hope to Come Along!!

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