By Peter Anthony Wynn


STOP CRYING: Yes I said it!

SO YOU WANTED TO GET IN THE RING OF ONLINE COURSES, the ring of business, the online world of digital millionaires who are sharing their passion and living their purpose. So you went out and bought some cool gloves. You joined a rocking gym. You got some great clothes. You woke up early and “TRAINED” hard. You are thinking the whole time “I am going to do great, I got this, it will be easy, I have been watching my friends do it and REALLY it isn’t that hard at all.”

We all thought it “How hard can it be?” Really I mean how hard is it to sell something on FB, everyone is there, they all have PROBLEMS, I have a solution that will help them, how hard can it be? Well let me share something with you “IT IS HARD!” It is not impossible but yes it is hard and if you are not mentally prepared YOU WILL CRY and YOU WILL QUIT. More than likely you will lie to yourself and not call it quitting, you will call it changing directions. Like when we break up with people and say something silly like “It's not you it’s me.” YET we know it is us but in that line we MEAN IT IS THEM.

Building ANY BUSINESS is tough, it takes time, it takes patience and resolve. Most people quit as soon as it gets hard as soon as they need to go past their allotted “TIME”. You know the time you told your husband or wife that you would put into your dream. “Honey if I am not making money BY THIS TIME I will go get a regular job. That has QUITTER written all over it. SO when you tell people that it will NOT MOTIVATE YOU as the time draws closer, it will distract you, frustrate you and confuse you.

YOUR TIME IS NOW but you are going to have to be really prepared to take the blows, lose a few rounds, get bruised and beat up. That is the business that you chose. You chose to put your EGO on the line, your money and your time (but for those who are crying your money and your time really do not have meaning to you because as soon as you quit you wasted BOTH!

I know it is hard, I have changed careers three times, THREE! Yes, I changed when I was at the top of my game.  It was never easy, never smooth and never took the time I thought or cost the money I thought. It actually at times kicked my butt. The difference is that I never quit. Of course there are times that I thought about it but I never really considered it, other people wanted me to. WHEN you really want something nothing should ever stop you.

Getting punched is a FACT, it will happen, you will run out of money, time, make a wrong decision or several. You might want to blame others (look inside before you do) you will want to blame the market, the idea, the timing everything will become punches and your desire will be to BLAME. Blaming is the same thing as quitting, when your success is based on others it is a way of transferring responsibility, do not get caught in this.

Winners never cry, because they KNOW they are going to get hit. They take the hits, maybe lose the round, but win the fight. Continue to move forward and continue to make sure that you are building the dream. Altering your dream is not an option. You will not look the same after the battle, but the world will know you are a winner and so will you.

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