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Teresa Parr has dedicated her career to improving the lives of children and families. She has spent years working with families and children of all ages in a variety of therapeutic, educational, medical, and research settings. She consults, trains and speaks on a variety of topics in the fields of education and psychology including the use of behavioral science to change behavior in personal, community, and professional settings. In 2007, Dr. Parr partnered with GM Maurice Ashley to amplify the benefits of his chess knowledge, experience and innovative training methods with her expertise in psychology and education. In this context, she has focused on methods for engaging children with diverse interests, skills and backgrounds, emphasizing those aspects of chess thought to improve specific academic and life skills, and improving generalization by integrating other subjects into the chess curriculum. In addition to collaborating on content development, she manages the print and digital publication processes and general business operations. Dr. Parr's doctorate is in clinical psychology. Her undergraduate and graduate work were completed at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her clinical internship was completed at the University of North Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill. Her dissertation was in the field of behavioral genetics, and her scholarly writing has been published in book chapters and research articles in the field of psychology. In addition to her work on the curriculum, Dr. Parr is an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. She also collaborates with other researchers, schools and community organizations to conduct studies the potential benefits of chess for improving academic and behavioral performance.