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Market Branding- Dial Down the Excess, Dial Up the Message

Do you know your message pitch? Can you say it in just a few sentences? Knowing the heart of your message, and the way to effectively verbalize it is one of the toughest parts of marketing. So many speakers and authors a . . .

Speaker Training, the Success Secret You DON’T Know, but SHOULD KNOW

What’s the one thing that makes a speaker truly unforgettable?

The “secret-sauce” that you wish you knew- to take your speaking and your product sales to the next level? I think you’d be surprised to know the real deal, . . .

Marketing Synergy - Tie It Up with a Perfectly Crafted Bow

Marketing is the elephant in the room, that everyone knows is there, but can’t find. It’s the elusive Goliath that stalks its prey mercilessly, and there seems to be no magic stone to take it down. How can we minimize th . . .

Tamra Richardt's Bio

Tamra Nashman Richardt has over twenty years experience in the image-driven, competitive media industry, as an on-camera talent working for some of the biggest clients in the world. Her face and image have helped promote products from companies such as Hertz, Anheuser Busch, Canon, Cadillac, Lincoln Mercury, Sprite, JC Penney, Janzen and Natural Sport, and many others. Tamra has been the host and co-host of numerous television shows and recently has been the host of her own segment on the regional Fox Network. She has been interviewed by radio stations around the globe and is a regular contributor to the E’Bella magazine and other periodicals. Tamra has authored four books, and understands the world of book writers, and the need to create marketing tools that set them apart in their industry. Tamra is an experienced public speaker, and has spoken for college & universities, corporate, HR, non-profits, women’s and men’s business groups, bar associations, churches, and many others. Tamra is an experienced marketer and has been successfully creating speaker and media sheets, and synergizing all marketing materials for her clients for over five years. Called the “Word Wizard” by her clients, Tamra has an amazing ability to laser focus their message and write the creative copy that sets them apart in their industry. With over 25 years of professional public speaking experience, Tamra is a sought-after speaker training coach and speech-writing expert.