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Do you feel nervous and unprepared for every IEP meeting? Do you feel like you’ve made mistakes on your student’s IEP? Are things taking too long or are you experiencing too little progress? Is your student failing or ne . . .

What are my disability rights in the workplace?

One of the many benefits of having an official disability diagnosis is becoming eligible for support, services and protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This law prohibits discrimination of persons . . .

An Educator's Guide to Common IEP Myths

Do you have special needs learners in your classroom? Do you feel intimidated at the thought of meeting the needs of these students? Have you had specialized training in the areas of their unique exceptionalities? As inc . . .

Your First IEP Meeting

Congratulations, you have been invited to attend your child's first Independent Educational Plan (IEP) meeting. Awesome! Now what do I do? What is an IEP meeting? How do I participate? What is all of this paperwork they . . .

IEP Back to School Check List

Top 5 IEP actions to complete before school starts

Many of us will be going back to school in the next week or so or by early September. It’s important to enjoy your summer vacation and spend precious moments with fami . . .

Stephanie Wynn's Bio

Stephanie Wynn has been a professional special education advocate for children in the educational arena and adults in the employment workplace for over 12 years.  Her journey began when her children were identified as disabled and requiring special education at an early age. Through her personal tears and school-based challenges, she began to understand and empathize with many parents that were equally frustrated with lack of results and needing guidance through the Individualized Educational Plan process. With over 10k hours of mentorship, research and special education advocacy she has guided parents throughout the United States in getting their children the services they are entitled to and desperately need through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  She also advocates for adults with disabilities by helping them navigate the workplace in understanding and achieving accommodations through the Americans with Disabilities Act.   She is an active member of Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates; The Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities Partners in Policy-making and the Autism Speaks Volunteer Advocate of Nevada.  Areas of unique specialty include; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD and Specific Learning Disability.

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Here is what people are saying about Stephanie Wynn:

"Stephanie Wynn is the key to IEP success with Clark County School District. Our family and faith in the school system was broken. We had experienced one failure after another. We came to Stephanie with an ineffective, underdeveloped BIP, IEP, unethical classroom management, severe increase in behavior, and no academic progress. Stephanie fought for our son. She believed in him and worked alongside us every step of the way making sure every detail was attended to. She was able to change what seemed to be a hopeless situation completely around in less than a year. My son is happy and thriving both socially and academically. We are extremely grateful and can’t thank her enough for all that she has done."

K. Gruenberg • Las Vegas, NV

"I cannot stress the importance and the difference an advocate has made in my children's and my experience in the public education system. Stephanie; you have been a godsend!"

K Murphey  • Florida

"Thank you Stephanie from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us through the IEP process. We had a hard fight to get our daughter into the proper placement and we could not have succeeded without your skills and determination. You truly went above and beyond and we are forever grateful. Our daughter is doing wonderfully because you believed in her"

M.Oxenberg CNM  •  Calfornia

_"My son was lost in the school system. Services were not being met, failing grades, and lots of frustration. It came to the point that we knew we needed an educational advocate. _Stephanie Wynn has been absolutely essential in our son's education. If it wasn't for her we'd still be battling our school district. It has a been a wonderful learning experience working side by side with her advocating for my son's education. She prepared me as a parent to continue advocating for my son."

E. Vazquez • Orlando, Florida

"We came to Stephanie ready to give up, I had fought with my child's school for 2 years with no results before finding Stephanie. I was frustrated and unsure of the next step but I knew I had to continue to fight for my child. When I met with Stephanie she assured me that my concerns were valid and that she would fight for my child, as if it were her own. This is exactly what she did! She educated my husband and I every step of the way, and more importantly she supported us every step of the way. Without Stephanie we would still be fighting with the district, but it is because of Stephanie my child has the IEP that he needs and has begun to thrive in school."

C. Jordan • Las Vegas, NV