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Your First IEP Meeting

Congratulations, you have been invited to attend your child's first Independent Educational Plan (IEP) meeting. Awesome! Now what do I do? What is an IEP meeting? How do I participate? What is all of this paperwork they . . .

IEP Back to School Check List

Top 5 IEP actions to complete before school starts

Many of us will be going back to school in the next week or so or by early September. It’s important to enjoy your summer vacation and spend precious moments with fami . . .

An Educator's Guide to Common IEP Myths

Do you have special needs learners in your classroom? Do you feel intimidated at the thought of meeting the needs of these students? Have you had specialized training in the areas of their unique exceptionalities? As inc . . .


Do you feel nervous and unprepared for every IEP meeting? Do you feel like you’ve made mistakes on your student’s IEP? Are things taking too long or are you experiencing too little progress? Is your student failing or ne . . .

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"I cannot stress the importance and the difference an advocate has made in my children's and my experience in the public education system. Stephanie; you have been a God sent!

K Murphey  • Florida

"Thank you Stephanie from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us through the IEP process. We had a hard fight to get our daughter into the proper placement and we could not have succeeded without your skills and determination. You truly went above and beyond and we are forever grateful. Our daughter is doing wonderfully because you believed in her"

M.Oxenberg CNM  •  Calfornia

Stephanie Wynn has been advocating for children in the educational arena for over 10 years working as a Special Education advocate and is a Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates member. Her story started with her own children being identified as disabled and requiring special education at an early age. Through tears, challenges and wins she began to empathize with the many parents of children that were equally frustrated with their experiences too. With over 10k hours of mentor ship, research and special education advocacy she has guided parents in over 15 states in getting their children the services they are entitled to through Individuals Disabilities Education Act. Years of balancing the responsibility of motherhood and advocacy has nurtured her soul to be a valuable resource for taking parents that are suffering, confused and almost given up to a a space of empowerment. A mother of four beautiful children she practices yoga, enjoys a low impact food choice lifestyle and is an avid reader when not researching and helping clients learn the art of advocating for their children.