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Siloh Moses has been called a philanthropist, crusader for the homeless, humanitarian, and leader in giftivism—the practice of radical generosity that transforms the world. As the founder of #ServingHopeLV_offcial, Moses lives to radically change the world by serving those who are less fortunate, underemployed and unemployed on person at a time.

A 100% community based volunteer organization, we serve those who are less fortunate with food, clothing and hygiene. Food that we baked in our own kitchens and clothing we've dug out of our own closets. With a local one night event dubbed #GiveForwardMondays, they've served anywhere from 250-560 less fortunate people with fresh food, clothing and hygiene and last year distributed our over 64,000 individual meals.

We live in a time where we have mastered the art of “liking” each other on Facebook but, have forgotten the art of loving each other in person.

Join the movement.