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Born in Lima, Peru and raised in New York

An authentic Spiritual thought leader and influencer;  A passionate soul and hiker with a love for animals. International keynote Speaker, Online female marketer and business entrepreneur. An advocate for female empowerment with a background in Radiology MRI.

Decided to change her life after hitting rock bottom and took the world by surprise. Now she shares her blessings and challenges with people around the world to inspire, empower, and support. Believer that a strong mindset, belief and execution were keys to her rapid success.

She created courses online to train people on how to take control of their life by bringing awareness to mastering their emotions and thoughts.  In her courses she shares her insights in a way that allows the audience to start transforming by applying them to their lives immediately to begin the healing process for themselves. Also, she created an official hiking group in NY named Walking in the Wild-Hiking. That group was my opportunity to share hiking and her love for nature with others.

Now she spend her time doing what she loves; learning, coaching, hiking, traveling, empowering women & sharing her story on stages across the world. She is on a mission to spread the knowledge that life is bigger than your current circumstances. We humans have the unlimited potential to conquer anything our mind can think of.

She humbly says; “I’m a Champion on fire with an unquenchable love for nature.”