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Quinn Slocum is a child prodigy of Loren Slocum and Instagram superstar.

Loren Slocum Lahav is an international personal-development speaker, seminar leader, coach, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, wife and mother. People tend to describe Loren as “the real deal.” Loren has a very busy career as a keynote speaker and multi-day trainer for many companies around the world. She has had the remarkable experience of traveling the world to help people discover who they are at their core for the past twenty-five years.

Quinn has built up multiple Instagram accounts with over 4 million followers. One of his biggest pages is @bestcelebrations with 2.4 million followers. He created the page because he was inspired by Odell Beckham Jr.s best catch of 2014 when the New York Giants played the Dallas cowboys. That explosion of viral content inspired him to create an account around this concept, which perfected his eye for trends.

Quinn Slocum makes well into the six figures off of all of his social media accounts, and the most amazing part is that he is still in high school.

Quinn Slocum taught himself how to create and build a brand all on his own through trial and error, and now has mastered the ways to build a following that stays loyal.  He is a business minded prodigy that also knows how to create content that goes viral.

Quinn Slocum is a social media professional and has been for many years of his young life, but don't underestimate the amount of knowledge this kid has on branding, marketing, and social media.