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Nikki Stewart is an attorney, health educator, food advocate, certified yoga instructor and mother of two. I am passionate about health education because I see so much unnecessary suffering. I see my colleagues and friends suffering from heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It's not uncommon to hear that one of these degenerative diseases has stricken them. If they survive, they live in fear. Will the cancer come back? Will they have another heart attack? When I talk about natural remedies, things they can do to reverse or stop the advancing of their condition, they don’t want to hear about it. I have a friend who had a severe episode of gout. It was debilitating – he couldn’t walk because it was so painful. His doctor advised him to stop drinking and take prescription medication for it. My friend couldn’t fathom eliminating alcohol from his daily routine if the pill would prevent another episode of gout! This is common. People want the pill, not the cure. People put their trust in the medical profession to find a cure for their ails. They don’t realize that the cure can be found in the kitchen. My heart’s desire is to bring natural remedies mainstream. To spread the word that YOUR body has the innate ability to heal. You can stop the degenerative, debilitating conditions, one bite at a time. I yearn for the day that there will be peer pressure to eat well and to eat organic. And, just like we turned the tide with the habit of smoking from being cool to being derided, let's turn the tide on how we perceive eating those processed, packaged fake foods.