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While most entrepreneurs check their personal life at the office door,  Melissa Hull has built a global movement by doing just the opposite. For as long as she can remember, Melissa has let her life experiences guide her professional paths, and along the way, she’s become a multi-passionate leader and entrepreneur who cultivates transformation in her life – and yours. While her professional passion projects have had a ripple effect on a global level, their inspiration started at home, when the devastating loss of her son drove her to start speaking about her experience. By sharing her story, Melissa unintentionally built a loyal and dedicated audience that paved the way for her to express her hard-fought lessons through various mediums, including her first book, “Lessons From Neverland,” her award-winning artwork Melissa Hull-Gallemore Fine Art and professional speaking opportunities across the world. She transformed her devastation into purpose and, through intuition and hope, forged a healing path through trauma and sadness. Today, she vigorously pursues her mission as an influential voice in the world of bereavement, child loss and resilience, and her story has been embraced by audiences worldwide. It’s her hope that she can help spark a transformation for other mothers and grievers – so they may find their own passion to make a global impact. In addition to her personal journey, Melissa runs two global media companies, Globex Media Group and E360tv, which invite seemingly ordinary people to share extraordinary experiences on a worldwide stage. From leading her content creation team to hosting The Melissa Hull Show, Melissa has a natural ability to turn stories into impact, and ideas into strategies. She rarely takes the path most traveled and uses out-of-the-box thinking to quickly achieve massive and meaningful results — for her companies, clients and community. Through a social media audience of more than 460,000 followers and growing, one-on-one coaching and her Global Media Membership, Melissa teaches the exact steps, strategies and tools she used to put her message in front of the world stage and reach millions, so others may find their way to stand alongside her. Whether she’s sharing her own story from the page or the stage, producing empowering media content worldwide, or coaching others to do the same, Melissa has a natural ability to start the right conversation with the right audience — and make a global impact.