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Marquita is excited and focused on transforming relationships that grow people, build communities and create an interpersonal dynamic that changes the world. She successfully helps her clients develop clarity, focus and direction in their lives.  Her decades of experience enables her to cut through the B. S. (belief systems) that block clarity of action and deed in their lives and their relationships.

Marquita’s teaching style is open, honest and incisive with a deep caring for the individual’s growth, development and understanding.  She imparts techniques that give clients the ability to apply the information uncovered in meaningful ways.

A highly regarded, deeply admired teacher, Marquita engages students with her interactive style providing a safe environment for personal growth and exploration. Her deep wisdom, wealth of experience, humility as well as humor, enable participants to closely examine their long-held assumptions about what they have operated from and what they think they know about their relationship patterns. Her clients learn about themselves and how to interact with their loved ones in new ways that are satisfying for both parties.

An elegant, powerful speaker, Marquita’s public speaking employs a blend of cultural insights, music, practical and every day relatable storytelling that turns on mental lights and creates “ah-ha moments” even after the workshop or encounter is complete.

Marquita brings her unique blend of academic training and hands-on life experience to bear on all she delivers. She holds a masters degree in Consciousness Studies and course work in human behavior.  With three “birth children” and four “children-by-choice”, marriage, divorce and long-term relationships, her family-life background served as the catalyst to launch her on the path of developing intense communication and relationship building skills and conflict resolution techniques.  The feedback suggests that when she tells her stories, clients open up and relate to her in ways untapped before.

Marquita has served on numerous committees and convention teams supporting national and international events.