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Kristen is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur and dynamic inspirational international keynote speaker/singer making a positive difference in the world by sharing her gifts, experiences, wisdom and talents. Her motto is "Design Your Life, Shine Your Light, Live Your Dreams"​. Kristen has traveled to over 35 countries and spent the past 25+ years bringing inspiration, interior design, beauty, music and body-mind-spirit healing to thousands of clients. She has worked with, shared the podium with, or studied under the best thought leaders of our time including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Bob Proctor, Arianna Huffington and many more. She is an international singer/songwriter for good causes. She has performed in front of thousands of fans with Emmy an Grammy award-winning artists and #1 hit singer/songwriters and is known for her beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. Kristen is also a multiple best selling author. She is the founder of The Shine Projects, a movement creating spa retreats, online classes, events and entrepreneurial mastermind programs focused on women's needs on a global level. From 2006-2014 Kristen was the President and Executive Director of a Healing Arts College in the Iowa City, Iowa Area, East-West School of Integrative Healing Arts.

"I consider myself a humanitarian and philanthropist, and I have served on several boards and participated in several non-profit organizations and missions over the past two decades. I tend to be drawn to the elderly, veterans and the homeless, but especially love working with youth and women. The majority of my music is used for good causes and non-profit programs around the world. I strongly believe in giving back, and making a significant and positive difference for others. It is my mission, through my different companies, to make a positive difference on the planet while experiencing love, joy, passion and peace. I believe through intentional design, education, passion and love, anything is possible. "Design Your Life, Shine Your Light, Live Your Dreams" is my motto, and I would love to collaborate with you on how together, we can create opportunities to use our gifts, talents and skills to do all of the above and more" - Kristen Sharma