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Jonathan Pfahl is a Rockstar - literally! The Founder and Managing Director of the Rockstar Group of Companies spent his evenings rocking it out with his band whilst spending his days at US investment bank -Goldman Sachs.

Jonathan (or JP as he prefers to be called) set up the Rockstar Group in 2007. Since then he has grown it into the largest resource bank of business services for growing companies in the UK. It is also an active investment firm with a portfolio of over 40 companies privately invested in.

The Rockstar group owns its own regulated crowd fund, a hedge fund, an international mentoring app, a sales outsourcing firm, digital marketing co, It's own bespoke CRM platform, an app development co, it's own law firm, a VIP concierge and events company and its own Foundation. These services are all available to all clients who require help and used ofcourse to run the businesses that Rockstar invest in.

JP’s free online course: "How to build a Rockstar business" is a value filled and enjoyable presentation showing how they identify great products and the changes they make to the strategy of the businesses to take them to another level.

His paid course is called “the only truth is the result” - a motto that JP and the whole team at Rockstar live by. His paid course is a must purchase and one that will give you a huge range of useful tips to grow your business - all backed up with real life examples of Companies he and the team have implemented to work and easy steps for you to then implement as well.