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Originally from Sydney, Australia but now based in London for almost 15 years - Jonathan Pfahl is a Rockstar - literally!

Before setting up the Rockstar Group of Companies in 2007 - he spent 5 years in the financial markets which became a great experience and asset in the current business - But whilst in his trading days - he would also spend his evenings rocking out with his band "after hours" in a variety of music venues in Sydney.

When he didn't become the next Jon Bon Jovi and with always the burning desire building his own investment business - he created the ROCKSTAR Group of Companies in London in 2007.

Now with an international presence - the Rockstar Group has become one of the key "go to" places for business owners and investors to build wealth.

The group has created a very unique investment model that hedges investors risk whilst also growing the wealth of the businesses it backs.

Since 2007 - the group have helped over 8500 businesses achieve their growth goals and have raised over £150m in investment across its private crowd platform and hedge fund.

It has not all been smooth sailing though! Starting the business a year before the global financial crisis was a big wake up call to Jonathan (or JP as most people know him as!) - when consumer confidence and affordability became a major issue for Rockstars clients. JP had to adapt and added (rather than subtracting) new and relevant products and services within the Rockstar Group.

The next failure came when 3 large government contracts also came to an abrupt halt due to economic and political changes.

JP is the first to admit every mistake he has made, speaking from the heart always and with a key goal of giving value. Probably why he is such a sought after speaker at a number of events around the world.

These days he spends his time continually working ON the business not IN the business. Spends a lot of time in his charity efforts within the Foundation and looking at new opportunities such as Rockstars first involvement in the world of Crypto currency.