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You Are What You Believe Subconsciously!

Whether you know it consciously or not, we are the sum of what we believe subconsciously. A simple test to evaluate this is to observe your habitual behavior. All behavior starts with a thought and these would be your ha . . .

In What Direction Are You Moving?

What is the first thought you have in the morning? What is the first action you take when you awake? The answers to these two very simple questions are a good indicator of which direction your day will go. You see, our t . . .

Subconscious Mastery of Life

If someone told you that you could create a life of your dreams and imagination just by mastering the subconscious mind, would you believe him? Well I am here to tell you it is absolutely possible! Few people realize thi . . .

Joe Frazzette's Bio

Joe Frazzette is an author and public speaker with professional experience in sales and marketing, as well as clinical hypnosis. Joe effectively utilizes his past professional experiences, as well as in depth examinations of everyday life, to create characters and stories that have a broad appeal and cross over multiple genres. In addition to his writing, Joe has developed a method for sharing a potent, pragmatic philosophy that can, and will, change lives for those interested in real, lasting results.

Joe is an enthusiastic individual who approaches life with a zest for adventure and risk taking. He studied hypnosis under the tutelage of master hypnotist Dr. Dave Hill. It was through his relationship with Dr. Hill that Joe became very interested in the workings of the human mind and how individuals actually create their own reality through the thoughts they cling to each and every moment of their lives. He succumbed it was through the mastery of thought, that we each have the ability to create anything we desire in our life, provided we have the willingness to execute a plan.

While mastering the skill of self-hypnosis, Joe effectively created transformative results in his own life. He now makes the ‘rules of the mind’ and the ‘hypnotic formula’ available in his video courses to those individuals looking for a quick, effective method for taking control of their life. In these courses, Joe will deliver the knowledge of how the human mind works through the specific rules of the mind, which are common to everyone. He also provides a step by step method for creating transformative results in a relatively short period of time, by executing the hypnotic formula on a regular basis.

Take this opportunity to learn how to become a master of your own life, by learning an effective method for controlling the very thoughts that dictate your daily behavior. Just like Joe has repeatedly experienced the effectiveness of this process in his life, you too, will be blown away by the possibilities you can create in your own life!