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For 15 years, Jenny’s career and business background have focused on business development and execution within the pharmaceutical sales industry as a regional business manager.  She held various roles, with a concentrated focus on leadership, implementation, motivating, training and supervising sales teams.  Within those 15 years of corporate experience, Jenny also collaborated with executive leadership teams and peers working on cross-functional corporate initiatives while serving on advisory boards, commercial operations, brand team, marketing, operational analytics and sales training.

Jenny Mulks Wieneke is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, Along Comes Hope® Corporation. Jenny’s role as the founding officer consists of the creation and implementation of branding strategies, marketing strategies, grant funding, fundraising initiatives, community involvement and awareness campaigns, recruiting volunteers, budgeting and analytics, business development, physician provider communication, hospital and institutional involvement, travel programs, media and social networking, development of program criteria and the most important role, is serving our community of children who are fighting cancer.

Enlightened through her miraculous survival, the need to help others, in the eye of the storm became clear.  The concept and mission of Along Comes Hope® was conceptually birthed in 2013.  This personal journey broadened her awareness to the number of families in need of financial assistance and the importance of supporting the families that are forced to make a treatment choice due to affordability of travel versus their best attempts at survival. The mission of Along Comes Hope is to ease the financial burdens of travel for families of children with cancer, provide emotional support programs, as well as advocate for policy changes, education and awareness.