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3 Proven Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Are you procrastinating right now? Take a moment to read this and become more productive.

Have you ever found yourself during an incredible burst of productivity right before a deadline? It's amazing; you finally found . . .

The 7 Stages of Business Growth

The 7 Stages of Business Growth

Did you know that over 50% of businesses fail within the five years? And only a tiny fraction make it to 10 years (and beyond.)

Here’s a pretty alarming graph courtesy of the SBA, co . . .

How to Make It On Wikipedia (It's More Difficult Than You Think)

It all started with a tweet.

Recently, while you were occupied with the Snap IPO and Uber thing (and that other Uber thing), one small corner of the internet waged a minor battle that has far-reaching ramifications fo . . .

Heather Wilde's Bio

Heather Wilde is a multiple award-winning, 6-time CTO and 5x-certified Executive Coach. She is an Author, Speaker, Nonprofit Director, and University Board Chair. Affiliated with 3 Entrepreneurial accelerators, she has also worked with governments on Economic Development projects for over 20 years.

Heather was an early employee of Spirit Airlines and a founding member of Evernote, where she oversaw the company’s growth from thousands to 100 million customers. She was also one of the only women to have programmed, designed, produced and published a game at the company THQ. She has worked with the U.S. Navy, NASA and state and local governments around the world.

Heather has received commendations for her work from the United States Government, as well as Awards for Mentor/Coach of the Year, Female Executive of the year, and been named Top Writer on Quora. She writes for Forbes, and hosts the  "Entrepreneurial Revolution" column for Inc Magazine where she influences millions of readers every week.

She is currently the CTO of ROCeteer, a company in Las Vegas, NV, where she oversees the development of two software platforms as well as work with ecosystems and teams around the world on their development and growth strategies.