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Entrepreneurial Success Traits: How Do You Stack Up?

Leaders of the fastest growing companies in America have proven they can fight traditional economic downturns and turn genuine problems into remarkable opportunities. After all, these are the marks of a great leader, but . . .

Glenn Dietzel's Bio

Glenn Dietzel is a recognized business acceleration strategist, best-selling author and international speaker.

Glenn’s business success and thought leadership has been recognized by companies including Adobe and Rogers to numerous universities and business conferences he has been asked to speak globally to the thousands of clients and strategic partners who have used the strategies he teaches to do over $250 Million in added profits.

Glenn is the founder of Coaching & Co-Branding™, a new business acceleration system to assist entrepreneurial CEOs, experts, and leaders in the coaching and consulting fields to create partnerships, royalties and expert profit centers. His systems assist both incubators and companies wanting accelerators to grow their company leveraging the new realities of the Intellectual Property age.

Over the past several years Glenn has ventured further ‘behind-the- scenes’ assisting corporations and business leaders to co-brand his systems as he consults them with their growth opportunities. Glenn’s unique approach to growing and scaling companies allows his clients to use the hundreds of systems, tools, blueprints, and business accelerators he has created over the past 13+ years so they also command maximum fees for coaching, training, and keynoting as an expert advisor in their market.

Currently his most important mission is to build powerful business alliances with 1000 business entrepreneurs to change the way business is conducted through his involvement in high level Thought Leadership/Speaker Author/Coaching Leadership masterminds he co-hosts. When Glenn is not assisting his clients, he loves the peaceful tranquility of Largs, Scotland with his wife Fiona and two sons, Calum and Cameron.