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M&A: Realizing Synergies in a Global Transaction

During negotiations, the purchase price often assumes that certain synergies will be realized. However, the value of a deal and any sustainable added value is based on the accuracy of the work prior to post-merger integr . . .

Eddie Franco's Bio

Eddie is a Global specialist who has over 40 years experience on M&A, transformational assignments and Global HR issues. He lived in Asia for nearly 30 years before moving to the US.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and New Country Entry. Lead project management office, global due diligence and post-merger integration activities. Identify HR synergies and ensure activities support expected merger synergies. Advise on and support international restricting activities.
  • Business training. Train M&A teams regarding global acquisitions and divestitures: Developing M&A objectives, synergy development, project management, staffing and selection, engagement, communication, leadership and culture, HR policies and employment law, compensation and benefits, organization design, HRIS and HR delivery, due diligence simulation, integration simulation.
  • Global HR, compensation and benefits issues. Consulting support on HR issues around the world.

Eddie has worked with many of the worlds most sophisticated companies, as well as Governments and Government Think Tanks in Hong Kong, India, and the PRC and various multilateral development organizations. Including designing and implementing national savings systems, advising on the restructuring of state owned enterprises, the separation and amor issues or employees in state owned enterprises and the China labor Code.

He has lived in Belgium, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, The Philippines, PRC, Singapore, Uganda, United Kingdom, USA, and visited over 40 countries on short term business assignments plus dozens more on short term visits. He holds a bachelors degree in mathematics for management from Brunel University.