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If you learn just one thing from my teachings, let it be the ability to find your calm center in the midst of the chaos and commotion of life. The world can be a whirlwind of activity, and it’s easy to get carried away . . .

Having Regrets?

From time to time, you may feel some regret about events that happen in your life. Feelings of regret, numbness, disbelief, sadness, and anger are all “normal”, especially after life-changing events. Elizabeth Kubler R . . .

Seeing Ourselves in a Grain of Sand

Even an everyday grain of sand can be truly extraordinary, if we look closely enough. In his Nov 2012 TED talk, “The Beautiful Nano Details of Our World,” Gary Greenberg showed stunning closeup pictures of sand looking l . . .

Donna Kater's Bio

Donna Kater is an author and motivational speaker who has mastered the art of reinventing herself, and is passionate about helping others who wish to do the same. She combines her real life experiences with practical and professional knowledge to encourage people to learn from the past and to create a brighter future. Prior to her career as an author, she had professional careers as a college counselor, career counselor, small business owner, and acupuncturist.

Donna has had her share of pain, loss, and frustration after events happened in her life, and she draws upon these experiences. Most recently, in a short period of time, she lost her mother and had multiple injuries and surgeries that made it difficult to work. When these events happened, she took advantage of her knowledge and degrees in Counseling, Spiritual Psychology and Oriental Medicine to start the healing process. She examined in great detail what it takes to come alive again after life-changing events. As she got better, she gained a new sense of purpose, found her joy and humor again, and started writing.

A California native, Donna has lived, traveled, and studied abroad, giving her a global perspective and the ability to see things from different points of view. She teaches healthy ways of coping after events such as a car accident, serious illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one. Her methods also work for people who have become disillusioned or who simply want to improve their lives. Her friendly, encouraging style makes it easy for people to assess their current situation, find practical solutions, and to take positive action.

Donna’s life experiences, combined with her educational background and varied careers, make her a uniquely qualified mentor, providing hope and comfort during trying times. She has created I’m Still Alive, Now What? which gives people practical tools to transform their lives. Donna is dedicated to helping people survive, come alive, and thrive!