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Mind Mapping - Your Day Has Come... The Brain = Mobility

Folks! A very limited number of you may be familiar with If you are the mind mapping type, your day has come. The Brain is a top tier mind mapping tool that allows you to go deep while maintaining topic . . .

For Those That Like Getting What They Want!

For those that like getting more of what you want, you should buy the book "Getting More" by Stewart Diamond. The book provides a framework to authentically see other peoples points of view so you can relate to them bett . . .

Charles Byrd's Bio

Charles offers a unique blend of professional and organizational skills spanning the following areas:

Online Education - Charles courses have reached over 500k people in 2016 and is on track to reaching 1 million people in 2017.  He specializes in productivity and joint venture partnerships running live workshops, product launches, program management, marketing, and technology.

As a productivity expert, Charles coaches CEOs and entrepreneurs how to "Kill the Chaos" of information overload.  He is a life long learner and has a passion for helping others through his designed solutions.

He discovers and utilizes the latest technologies quickly.  He is an innovative leader who is fun and easy to work with.  He brings energy into a room while consistently delivering on substantial undertakings.  He is creative, insightful and highly collaborative.

"Hi, my name is Charles Byrd, founder of Byrd Word.  I am so grateful to be able to help people succeed with our collection of trainings, webinars, and tutorials. All I can say is, "Thank you" to our supporters, students and fans. I live near San Francisco, by the Napa vineyards with my wife, Lori, our girls Kyla & Keira, and our Labradoodle puppy, Lucie."