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Ignite Your Intuition! Intuition and the 12 Layers of the DNA

Your intuition is arguably the single most important and most powerful tool you can use to achieve health, success, love, happiness, and anything else you can imagine, for both yourself and others. Personally, I think th . . .

Ignite Your Intuition! What exactly is Intuition?

Intuition is your 6th sense - or more precisely, it’s really a whole bunch of non-physical senses!

All of us humans (and lots of non-humans too!) have all of the intuitive senses, but they are often undeveloped and/or u . . .

Ignite Your Intuition! Am I Intuitive? And why should I care?

After you’ve gotten your DNA activated, the next step is to convince yourself that you really canvuse this material to develop and refine your intuitive abilities, no matter your current skill or experience level.

I kno . . .

Finding the Right System/Teacher/Modality

Our next step is to find a teacher, system, or process to help you develop your intuitive gifts!

The first step is to recognize the system or technique that you are using...and if you are a natural intuitive, and haven’ . . .

Brent Michael Phillips's Bio

Brent Michael Phillips is an unlikely healer… he grew up fascinated by computers and technology and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated at the top of his class with Phi Beta Kappa honors and received both a Bachelor's degree and a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He was admitted to the PhD program and was pursuing his doctorate at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science by researching advanced internet technologies when the internet went mainstream in the mid 1990s.

Brent left the MIT PhD program in 1995 to be a founding partner in the Jamison/Gold Interactive Agency, a high-end web design firm that did many high profile projects for clients including Sony, Nissan Motors, and Disneyland. He also founded video game developer Lyra Studios in 1996, where he was the primary designer, architect, and author of the revolutionary online game Underlight. Both companies grew and prospered under Brent, until his obsessive and driven work habits caught up to him.

The strain of bootstrapping two companies proved to be too much for Brent’s body, and after a few years of 100 hour work weeks, Brent was devastated by crippling repetitive stress injuries. He was left in constant pain and unable to work, and doctors gave him no hope of recovery. Over the course of several years he tried all manner of conventional and alternative treatments, including surgery, physical therapy, and healers, but nothing worked. He eventually had surgery that left his right arm completely frozen at the elbow.

That's when Brent tried subconscious clearing with energy healing. Miraculously, his frozen arm healed in an instant in the first session! Brent was transformed by this experience - truly a miracle - and dedicated himself to learning how to use energy healing to do subconscious clearing, and to discovering the underlying scientific principles. Brent started his private practice in 2004 it allow him to share with others the amazing life-transforming power of what he learned with the world.

Brent has been a full time healing practitioner since 2004, he has clients and students around the world. He has written books on healing, taught dozens of training classes, and performed over 10,000 private sessions. Additionally, he has synthesized the “best of the best” of his personal experience along with what he has learned from many wonderful teachers to create the Formula for Miracles energy healing system and the patent-pending Formula for Miracles technology for automatic subconscious clearing.

Healing is not necessarily a mystical new-age phenomena. The way Brent practices, teaches, and writes about it, healing is precise, linear, effective, and easily understood by the Western mind. Brent has personally facilitated hundreds of miraculous instant healings on problems as diverse as HIV, asthma, cancer, childhood abuse, allergies, and many other injuries and illnesses (including “incurable” conditions). He has also used the Formula for Miracles to allow his clients to experience far greater prosperity and financial abundance, to smooth out troubled relationships, and to find true love. In addition, he is one of the best known and most accomplished healers in the world, and his students are now regularly experiencing their own instant miracle healings and life transformations.