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The Key to Living a Peaceful Stress Free Life

A mirror might be the best tool available for personal growth.  It is the easiest way to identify any problem in our life.  Go look in the mirror!

The idea of a mirror, reveals the beginning, the very first step in pers . . .

Bill Heinrich's Bio

Bill Heinrich is a certified Feng Shui practitioner and a certified Divine Purpose coach. He is also a numerology instructor and a student of tarot, astrology, Bach Flower Essences and homeopathy. Additionally, he has received several coaching certifications, including CPC (Certified Professional Coach), Extraordinary Coach, Big Money Business Coach, and Instant Miracle Technique Master Trainer.

They say it's what you learn after you know it all that counts, and that is truly the story of Bill Heinrich. In spite of his many achievements – turning a struggling office supply business into an immensely profitable one while in his 20s, and then going on to create record-setting real estate sales  teams in the western U.S. - Bill was very successful but he wasn’t happy. In fact, he was miserable. Material goods and worldly success as measured by other people's standards just wasn't cutting it. What he learned was that to be truly happy, you need to discover the gifts with which the Universe has endowed you and to position yourself to use them to their fullest.

Bill shares the lessons learned on his journey in his Coaching for Divine Purpose. This intense and dedicated effort at self-discovery and enlightenment has taken many forms and much study.

These experiences are just a sampling of the fruits gathered along the path of Bill's personal journey. Now, with years of formal and informal instruction under his belt, along with the positive transformation he has personally experienced, Bill uniquely understands how to guide willing participants along their own path. He is a catalyst for new perspectives, creating new possibilities that will bring you more peace, joy, love and freedom.

When not studying, coaching, writing, speaking or photographing surfers, Bill is the Business Development Director at Hawaiian Organic Noni, an organic Noni farm in Kaua'i, Hawai'i.