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People rarely retain content, however, they rarely forget an experience. In the world of speaking, Beejel is a character that stands out from the crowd… to be more accurate, he is a one man cast of costumed characters. A master of engaging the audience in story, drama, energy, comedy, metaphors, he changes from one character to another character to anchor key teaching points. His presentations on failure, resilience, overcoming obstacles, really living the global laptop lifestyle, rapid progress mindset, gratitude and forgiveness, process for profits, conscious connection have been delivered all over world.

Offstage, Beejel is a joint venture specialist, business strategist and rapid progress mentor. He has facilitated thousands of one-on-one strategy and advisory sessions with clients all around the world, helping them with clarity, strategy, marketing, automation, resources, tactics, defining and designing processes, planning, and outsourcing. He is also a conscious connector, meditation teacher and parenting advisor.

In 2010, Beejel and his family had to make a life-changing decision to leave the US. After selling most of their belongings, the family embarked on a 5 year global adventure during which resilience, overcoming obstacles and flow were integral to their adventure.