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Since 2001, Attorney Neil E. Colmenares has represented thousands of satisfied clients. The key to our success has been, and continues to be, open communication with our clients. By maintaining an open line of communication so that client concerns about our processes and practices are safely and confidentially reported to us, we are able to incorporate their unique needs into first rate representation.

Having represented clients both foreign and domestic, we know first hand that a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are vital to success in today’s global economy. Utilizing these experiences and combining them with our core values of honesty, integrity, and respect, has properly positioned us to continue representing a diverse business clientele with excellence.

The varied skills and experience of people from different cultures, gender and ages benefits our business, helping us to better understand our clients across the world and to build stronger relationships at a local level. Our focus on diversity and inclusion also means customers, employees and partners choose us more often than not.

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