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7 Tips to Change Your Thinking

Here are some suggestions to change your thinking:

  • Breathing and some quiet time. Make the time, and go to a quiet place. Close your eyes and count tour breathing. No one wants to meditate in the middle of a crises . . .

Anze Mofor's Bio

Anze is a transformational growth powerhouse who uses her unique form of "Whatever It Takes Coaching" To inspire people to overcome deeply rooted emotional pain to unleash their warrior within and live healthy, successful and fulfilled. She enjoys helping people learn how to use their struggles to build a strong mind and create a life they love.

Anze is the Founder and President of Banter International Group, LLC a holding company for Capital Investments, marketing, and small business growth.

She has been known to coach and mentor small business CEO’s and young entrepreneurs on how to structure and expand their business to increase revenue.

From growing in leadership as Vice President of Public Relations at FOX Talkz Toastmasters, featured columnist on Dunia Magazine to speaking and coaching university students and community leaders in West Africa, Anze has a passion for bringing out the best in you.