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Laser focused, plugged- in, & operating from an inner well- spring of joy, bringing a new vibrational technology to excel one towards a life well lived.

Starting with her first million dollar business at the age of 24, Amia Adonai realized that being an Entrepreneur was fun! Yet she returned to school to achieve a childhood goal of becoming an attorney. It was watch out world after that armed with both a business and legal background she

  • pioneered the field of environmental law,
  • founded 5 successful business
  • had a career taking her exciting places, in the corporate world, & into high levels of government, and
  • became an in-demand speaker, & worked closely the National Speakers Association to develop programs for new speakers

Success was great! Yet something was missing for Amia, there was a calling deep inside bringing her to a turn in the road moment.

So began an inner quest for that special connection. Her studies in the spiritual and conscious realm took her to amazing places to study with masters on par with the Dali Lama. By leaping without a net, one is free to move aggressively into realms not accessible to many. She now lives a life of choice defined by the moment and freedom beyond imagination to create the next.

Now after years of walking & living this genre, she is ready to talk her walk and assist others in peering inside. The exciting new energy on this planet is read to help anybody willing to step up.

It is Amia’s great honor and passion:

  • to share IT with those desiring to live from a joyous core,
  • to assist in stepping out of the box and going for IT, and
  • to see you experience a grand life of your making waiting for YOU!