By Peter Anthony Wynn


Frankly Clarity is everything! AS it applies to your online course and the marketing of that course it is absolutely in the TOP THREE THINGS you must have when creating an online course. Actually, it is among the top three things YOU MUST HAVE when you are giving a KEYNOTE,. As I sit here and write CLARITY is among the top three things when starting ANY BUSINESS or even a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP.

Everyone by NOW SHOULD KNOW the importance of "WHY", why you do what you do and why other people should care ... WITHIN YOUR WHY there must be CLARITY! You see if people do not understand what you believe, IF they cannot easily process what you believe, if they cannot SEE if what you believe is what they believe they will never join you in your mission.

I believe people AVOID CLARITY for several reasons here are a few.

ONE: Clarity WILL define YOU! Yes it will define your mission, your purpose and your action. Many people might avoid being defined because they are aware that the reaction to this is both positive and in some cases negative.

TWO: CLARITY WWILL EXPOSE THEM. Many people who look to build online courses are NOT EXPERTS YET, let me be clear NOT YET really means they are NOT EXPERTS.. the "YET" is placed there simply to not offend the posers and give them a CLEAR PATH to becoming an expert before hey look to build an online course, start a coaching business, or write a book.

In order to be clear you must be able to defend the position and to deliver on the promise. The more a speaker/expert avoids a clear promise the greater the chance they are not the expert they are professing to be. YOU NEED TO SAY IT CLEARLY. This requires you to be vulnerable!

EXAMPLE: "I AM A CONSERVATIVE Republican who believes abortion should not be legal unless there is a threat to the mothers life!"

EXAMPLE: "I AM A LIBERAL democrat who believes FIRMLY that woman own the right to chose what happens to their body and lives without government or religious interference or dictation. I believe that ethical abortions should remain legal."

These statements are CLEAR, It tells you much about who I am and what I believe and they are very CLEAR on my stand towards abortion. The challenge is when I place this statement on SM there WILL BE repercussions. BUT in life there are always repercussions NO MATTER the side you chose or the lack of clarity you portray.

BUT HERE IS ANOTHER hidden truth. When you BECOME CLEAR you attract those who BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. They are looking for you and you do not need a lot of people to really make your Course profitable or your book become a best seller.

In fact the greater the level of controversy (not for its own sake but rather because it is true) the Greater the depth to which you will grow.

When I am working directly with my clients on BUILDING THEIR ONLINE COURSES we start with CLARITY. We start by forcing them to articulate the ONE THING a person will receive when they complete the course and apply the action steps. When you are not clear YOUR COURSE SIMPLY WILL NOT SELL.

Peter Anthony

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