Online Course Creation Mastermind

Las Vegas, NV | June 9-11, 2017

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Calling all… Authors • Speakers • Entrepreneurs • Leaders

YOU ARE AN EXPERT… and you absolutely Love what you do

You want to make a difference - You want to Share your Wisdom & your specialized knowledge with the World. You want to share your Passion & Expertise.

You want to Reach a Global Audience.

…So why not get Financially rewarded & also leave a lasting Legacy?

Find your Path to Online Course Success this weekend.
One weekend can change everything…

The #1 place to learn "The Secrets" of Online Course Creation
How to Launch, and Market a Course Successfully in 2017


Design your Own Online Course

Our Experts and Speakers will help you Identify Your Avatar & Design an Incredible Course to fully serve and engage them.

Share your Unique Wisdom and Experience and reach a Global Audience.

Market Your New Course

Launching & Marketing are two completely different things.

We help you Identify the difference & create strategies and plans that help you keep these elements completely GOAL oriented.

Launch Your Course

Our experts will walk you through all the elements of a Book, Course, and Event Launch, you will completely understand how to Use Social Media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn in order to build your brand Globally

Grow & Stay on Path

Growth is a system, it is based on a CLEAR vision of our outcome, and Goals are reached when they are completely congruent with “WHY” you have chosen the path and what the “VALUE” of your gifts are.

We will share exactly what you need to do to stay “Creative, Inspired, & Productive"

A Fast Track “Zero to Hero”
Online Course Creation Experience

9am - 6pm


Discover how to get your idea “out of your head” and into a Course people will buy.

Speakers, Celebrities, Authors, Experts, and Business Owners…. discover why an Online Course is your Perfect Profit creation Vehicle

Uncover EXACTLY how each person can create a niche subject field & how to instantly marry that directly to their Passion… and Profit from your Passion

Discover the “7 paths to Making Money with an Online Course” & Learn how “Positioning yourself in the right way” can change your business & professional life forever.

Having shared with you the WHY the WHAT and the HOW let’s share what getting started would look like…

You will have at least TWO Online Course Subjects to chose from on Day 2.

9am - 6pm


Define your Audience – your “perfect client’ or AVATAR

Your Hero Story will be the foundation of your course. This is the magic that will be weaved through so people can easily relate to you because they relate to themselves.

Isolate the 20 things that you will share with others. We’ll completely dive into how to get these 20 confidence boosters out of your head and onto a page.

Let's Ask Google & LinkedIn. How to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Peter Anthony and the Team will help you put together the outline of your idea and make sure that people are searching for those specific solutions.

Launch: We created the outline for your script now we create the outline for the launch. Discover the 5 simple steps to the launch.

Market & Grow: You have created the Course, You have Launched the Course… now we place together the Market and growth of the Product. This is the Crucial planning stage and you will also be able to work through several Digital Courses on this specific topic.


You Will Change The World Office

The Gramercy

9265 W Russell Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89148


June 9th – 11th , 2017

9am - 6pm


About Peter Anthony Wynn

Called by many the “Online Course Guru” Peter Anthony has helped 100’s of Celebrities, Authors, NY Times Best Sellers, Thought Leaders and Experts create the ultimate experience for their students.

If you are looking to unlock the Secrets of create successful & impactful ‘Online Course Videos” Peter Anthony is the perfect mentor.

Much of what Peter Anthony teaches and shares would be considered industry secrets. Completely outside of the normal areas of simple “point and shoot” fundamentals.

You will Learn the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW to make your genius shine for your students and become the envy of other online instructors.