The Personal Branding Mastermind

September 17th - 20th, 2016

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What would you do if you had more time & financial freedom?

Would that make a difference in your life & your families'?

Do you absolutely love what you do and are you ready to share it with the world?

Would you like to share your expertise with your community?

Do you want to grow your audience and create a lasting impact?

Join an elite group of respected leaders and mentors.

Learn the fundamentals of Personal Branding.


Here’s a Sneak Peak of What You Will Learn:

  • The Secrets of Copywriting

  • How To Leverage Your Brand Using Social Media

  • The Steps of Profitable Course Creation

  • Top Money Making LinkedIn Strategies

  • Google Adwords Simplified

  • And Much More!

There are stories and there are legends.

What do you choose to be?

Every day you create your story. Every day you are doing something meaningful that could benefit another human being. Your knowledge is valuable and it needs to be shared and documented so that others around the world will have an even greater opportunity for success.

If you have impacted an industry, a community, or even a single person...

Share your wisdom. Lead the change.

Your brand is what your audience BELIEVES about you. It’s what people hear and say about you when you’re not around.

Your LEGACY is what they REMEMBER. Make sure your message is clear.

What sets successful brands apart from the rest? They understand that trends don’t last and truths don’t lie.

If you are not listening, if you are not interacting, if you are not connecting with the RIGHT people in the RIGHT way, you will never build your brand value.

There’s an important problem that you’re solving. There are millions out there struggling with that same problem and thankfully, YOU have the solution.

So what are you doing to make sure that as many people as possible are gaining access to this knowledge? With countless websites out there, how will you even stand the chance of being found?

That’s a problem.

We are the solution.

Are you ready to start taking control of your legacy?


Event Details

On September 17- 20, 2016 you will embark on a four day journey to establishing your legacy-- your personal brand.

The Personal Branding Mastermind: Sept 17- 18

Join us at The Personal Branding Mastermind where industry experts will share how authors, thought leaders and influencers can build their brand for maximum impact. In this free two-day event, you will learn how to:

1) Identify and Design Your Brand

2) Build the Support Systems and Processes Necessary for Long-term Success

3) Launch Your Idea to The World

4) Create Marketing that Inspires and Engages

5) Grow Your Brand and Your Culture Easily and Strategically

Where is the future of education? Where is the future of history? It’s all online. The only way survive is to always be one step ahead. We paved the path, now will you take the step?

Special Invitation Admission

  • Complimentary Tickets to Day 1 & 2 of Personal Branding Mastermind
  • Meet the Speakers
  • Exclusive Networking Opportunities
  • Access to Special Offers and Prizes
  • Gourmet Lunch Options for $39 Both Days

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VIP Upgrade Package

  • Front of Class Seating
  • 2 Gourmet Lunches
  • 2 VIP Dinners
  • Professional Photo Ops with Speakers
  • Personal Time with Peter Anthony and The YCWTW team

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Instant Credibility Package

  • VIP Package Plus
  • Interview with 2-time Emmy Award Winner John Burke
  • Two Professional videos
  • PR Release to Over 100 Sites and News Stations
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Course Creation Mastermind: Sept 19 - 20

For those who are serious about creating your personal legacy NOW, we invite you to sit with the masters in this two-day intensive in online course creation.

This powerful mastermind is your roadmap to unleashing the legend within. Peter Anthony takes you on a journey through all your life’s work-- your struggles, your triumphs, your values, and your truths-- and will teach you how to write an unforgettable hero’s journey and create impactful lessons that will last for lifetimes.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Day 3:

  • Eliminate the frustrations of figuring it all out on your own
  • Become part of an elite group of respected leaders and mentors
  • Establish yourself at the top of your field
  • Experience a climactic journey that explores realms of your mind and transcends that into a product that you can make immediate residual income.

Day 4:

  • Complete your online course outline
  • Get inspired from the stories of other successful authors and entrepreneurs
  • Get inspired and gain clarity towards building your legacy
  • Understand the entire online course process from concept to creation and leave with an outline for your course.

Full Four Day Mastermind

* For new and existing instructors only

  • VIP Upgrade Package
  • Two Full Days of The Course Creation Mastermind
  • Learn the Entire Online Course Creation Process from Peter Anthony Himself
  • Leave With a Full Outline of Your Course So You Can Launch it Immediately!

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About Us


At You Will Change The World, our mission is to help you live your expertise while we will passionately progress the technology that supports it. Simplified, YWCTW is building the most technologically advanced internet platform and culture to promote and protect your online course and ALL associated IP. We are completely dedicated to the support of your entire business model that allows you the greatest time freedom and highest level of profit and long term residual income available anywhere in the world. We recognize that your image and first impression is the foundation of your growth. YWCTW is excited to create not only the greatest cultural platform in the world for your course, but the most exciting user experience available for your students. We will buy back their course and sell it ourselves. (We will buy back the property; it will transfer completely to YWCTW).

Our Values

  • Truth: You can never get to where you're going if you don’t know where you are!
  • Education: Once you know where you want to go, you will need to develop the skills for the journey
  • Leadership: Once you have the skills to succeed, it is our belief that sharing them is the greatest form of leadership.
  • Humility: Great leaders always assess themselves throughout the journey. They are lifelong learners. Once they reach the top, they go back to “truth” and start again.



As a sponsor for You Will Change the World, you will have the opportunity to have your business showcased at the Personal Branding Summit to hundreds of attendees that are 6 to 7 figure business owners and entrepreneurs with a powerful social influence.

Deliverables​from the event will be:

  • Exposure to a pre­qualified audience of business professionals and entrepreneurs interested in products and tools to grow their business.
  • Verbal, Digital, and Print Marketing to hundreds of potential clients.
  • Positive and influential mentors in attendance.

Please call (702) 816-5797 for more information on sponsorship opportunities


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