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“Are you earning what you want to make this your PRIMARY SOURCE OF ABUNDANT INCOME?”

The $107 Billion Industry That Nobody's Talking About

From: Peter Anthony

Entrepreneurs, Authors & Thought Leaders,

One question I’m currently asked more than any other is:

“Can I really build my brand & make money online?”

YES you can make money online, digital is the fastest growing space on the planet to create brand awareness and build your company.

You may also be wondering…

How can I create an online course that people will want to take, how would I market it, and what would even have to go into it?

If you have written a book, worked in a field that you have become an expert at, been a speaker or coach, or have a life experience that you have overcome and an IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO SHARE then you have a great foundation to become part of the online course market and send your brand into hyper speed.

Think about this, “What if you shared all the experiences you have NOW with a version of YOUR YOUNGER SELF when you were starting out. You have heard that before, If I knew then what I know now where would I be!”

I might not know you personally, but I do know that you have a responsibility to share your experiences with the people who are looking for those pieces of wisdom that will help them succeed, overcome, and in many cases give them a path to their own dreams.

Maybe you’re brand new at what your doing and looking for amazing ideas on how to set up a strong, clear, inspired winning foundation. Well we are here to reach our hand out and help pull you up as high as you would like to go.

The internet and online courses creation is a daunting task, with platforms everywhere and no clear understanding or level of credibility and standards.

And if you’re like most entrepreneurs who have thought about expanding their brand into the digital abys it may feel like as big a myth as Bigfoot or the Lock Ness monster.

Tell me if you’ve experienced any of these in your business:

  • You've spent thousands and thousands of dollars with web developers buying websites that do not perform!
  • You've had to discount your services and products much lower then you deserve to such low levels to compete it doesn’t seem worth the time!
  • You end up having to pay so much for SEO, advertising and marketing that your costs almost erase all of the profits you earn!
  • You've watched inexperienced, less scrupulous people sell solutions that DO NOT WORK... even though you know the client would be better off working with you!
  • You spend so much time marketing your business, chasing potential clients and sorting out maintenance issues on your website that you have almost no time left to spend with your family... let alone enjoy activities you once loved!
  • You've realized that you could make more flipping burgers at McDonalds than you're currently making with your book or course or products if you put in the same time!
  • You've thought about doing what thousands of other Authors & Entrepreneurs have done over the past couple of years - throwing up your hands in disgust and giving up altogether!
  • You wish you could finally find a way to feel like you are getting your message out and people are seeing your brand GROW!

Well with good reason, if you’re downright frustrated with your online business, and you’re thinking about throwing in the towel… you’re not alone!

More than 500,000,000 web pages have gone unattended in the last 24 months alone… and many more will follow in the next 24 months!

And it isn’t because these people aren’t hard-working, motivated, or talented. It’s because the Digital & Online Communities have changed dramatically… but the training and advice that marketers follow hasn’t!

The Same Old, Tired Strategies Just Don’t Cut it Anymore

Let’s face it… If you are really going to get your brand to the next level the traditional advice that developers and marketers give to entrepreneurs – like SEO, AdWords, Social Media – might have worked a few years ago, but today it’s going to bring talented Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Coaches nothing but heartache and burnout!

So does that mean sharing your mentorship and inspiring others is obsolete?

Quite the contrary! You still have a tremendous opportunity to become truly wealthy through Expanding your Digital presence and Message. If you build your business the right way, you can:

  • Avoid common pitfalls that prevent Authors & Entrepreneurs from making money beyond their business, book or keynote.
  • Identify and eliminate Repetitive costs and time investments that make your digital presence seem daunting and overwhelming
  • Generate a six figure income within 36 months allowing you to live "your" dream lifestyle
  • Be TOP OF MIND in your genre when people are looking for speakers & presenters
  • Avoid getting "scammed" by unscrupulous digital marketing companies!
  • Build an incredible student body over the next decade allowing you to "retire" in style
  • And much more!

The problem is, getting started in online course mentorship is much more difficult today than it was in the past… especially now that the media, businesses, and universities are all entering the space.

So where does that leave you?

You Need a Fool-Proof System to Be Successful in on the Online Course Mentorship space Today!

I want to tell you right now that it’s not “game over” for you instead “LET THE GAMES BEGIN”.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I could never achieve that kind of performance!” But let me tell you, you now have the opportunity to experience that kind of success and more! But only if you have access to expert training that puts your finger on the pulse of exactly what works today!

That doesn’t mean that you should just hand your money to the first person who calls himself a “Guru.” There are just about as many trainers/gurus out there as there are Authors and Entrepreneurs… and there’s probably not a day that goes by when you don’t get an email from some “guru” who promises to sell you the “keys to the kingdom.”

You need to get cutting edge training from the “best of the best”… a proven performer who:

  • Is actually in the field doing what they’re teaching (and massively succeeding at it)! It’s one thing to stand in front of Entrepreneurs and spout theories and ideas… but it’s quite another to get out there and prove that these strategies work! If you want to be the best… you need to learn from someone who has already done what you want to achieve!
  • Knows exactly what works Online NOW! It’s not going to do you any good to pay someone for strategies and insights that haven’t worked since the mid-2000s (let’s face it… back then, a trained monkey could make money online). You need CURRENT training, not rehashed “sound bites” that are completely irrelevant to how the industry works today!
  • Will give you a transferable, repeatable system you can start using immediately! Your trainer MUST be able to teach you a system that will work for you… not for just a select few. If you were a school athlete, you wouldn’t want someone teaching you a sprinting technique that only Olympic runners can master. You should be able to implement the system and use it time after time to achieve incredible results!
  • Offers you guaranteed results! A top trainer should be willing to “put his money where his mouth is” and guarantee that if you follow the system he teaches to the letter, you will see dramatic improvement and start making serious profits! (There aren’t many trainers who do this.)

In a moment, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can get access to the kind of training I’ve just described… current, in depth strategies that can almost immediately add thousands of dollars to your income and give you the power to achieve financial freedom and even become a 6+ figure Online Instructor and Mentor if you’re willing to put in the time and attention.

But before I do, let me share a little about why your success as a Mentor is so important to me:

How I Went from “Ordinary” performer to Trainer of the Online Course Celebrities & Stars!

My name is Peter Anthony. I was raised in a typical middle class working family setting, and by all accounts, I wasn’t raised with the tools for massive success.

I paid the bills by being a wage slave for various corporate entities including cleaning bathrooms, phone sales and lastly cutting grass, but it kept the lights on and food in my belly. But I wanted more.​

You see, many years ago I sat where you may be right now.




Looking for something that would enable me to live the life I wanted to live.​

Then I listened to an audio cassette tape series. Personal Power by Anthony Robbins.

This ignited in me a passion to find a way, a solution to the time and money and stress issues I had - and sent me on a 4 year journey to investigate opportunities and find solution.

I looked at everything and wound up doing hair, yes a cosmetologist. It was not without drama and by the time I was 24 I opened my first Salon, by the time I was 27 I had made millions. What lead to that was a particular understanding and sharing of information when training my team. I helped people learn using techniques that had not been used in quite that way prior nor have they been used since.

I created the ‘Keys to the Vault’ and our Salons grew to millions annually with teams reaching over 100 plus. For years we were at the top of our game. I was sought out by major companies to share my training methods, ideas and system on the creation of cultures & tribes around the globe. The basis of my theory is this:

Every course should be the following:

These are only three of the components we use and the foundation of the “SECRET SAUCE”

During this time I spent countless days at Tony Robbins seminars and working with the top performers of the moment in many different industry’s. My goal was not only to build a multiple award winning culture but to share these techniques with others as they had been entrusted to me.

I had and still feel I have a responsibility to serve the community and share the path to success with those who are willing to invest not just the time and money but the passion and courage they will need to move themselves forward. They must have the understanding that changing ONE PERSONS life by sharing answers and inspiring them over obstacles is all the difference.

Of Course my hard work paid off and we have now created 100’s of amazing online course and help entrepreneurs around the world craft their messages and share their brand and mentorship. This is effecting thousands of lives every month.



If you are ready to share, to become part of a winning culture and to create a legacy that can be left to your children then…



  • Take the guesswork and stress out of building your online brand and sharing your products and message!
  • Position yourself as an authority GLOBALY!
  • Dominate your competition and have people begging to work with you!
  • Command top dollar for your mentorship and genius!
  • Create a Winning foundation for your culture!
  • And much more!

Get introduced to course creation! This day will teach you the basics of course creation. If you are curious about making an online course, then you should definitely attend this day!

  • Eliminate the frustrations of figuring it all out on your own.
  • Become part of an elite group of respected leaders and mentors
  • Establish yourself at the top of your field
  • Understand the fundamentals of 6 figure income
  • Advance your education and earning potential
  • Grow from the challenges and victories of respected, experienced leaders
  • Unlock the limitations that have prevented you in the past


Be a part of our live studio audience for a TED-talk like experience!! On this day, we will be bringing in Emmy-award winning John Burke as part of our Instant Credibility package. Get your hands on some priceless information throughout the entire day!

  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE RUSH! Hollywood Talent scouts and a live studio audience create an atmosphere that prepares our instructors and attendees for future interviews, with established interviewers associated with any media outlet.
  • Gain confidence and boost your leads and sales
  • Demand respect and take control of money you have been leaving on the table.

Course Creation Mastermind Day 1! Only for new and current instructors. Become part of the Faculty as part of the course creation mastermind.

  • Eliminate the frustrations of figuring it all out on your own.
  • Become part of an elite group of respected leaders and mentors
  • Establish yourself at the top of your field
  • Experience a climactic journey that explores realms of your mind and transcends that into a product that you can make immediate residual income.

Course Creation Mastermind Day 2!Only for new and current instructors, Refine your course ideas and format your concept in the best way possible!

  • Complete your online course outline
  • Get inspired from the stories of other successful authors and entrepreneurs
  • Gain clarity for how to monetize your expertise
  • Understand the entire online course process from concept to creation and leave with an outline for your course.

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  • Verbal, Digital, and Print Marketing to hundreds of potential clients.
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