A Bug Free Mind

May 2016, Las Vegas


Hosted by You Will Change The World for members of A Bug free Mind's mastermind group. This is a thrilling social event with a twist; an 'escape room' challenge. Members will be put in random teams to take on the specially crafted escabe rooms by Live Game Escape in Las Vegas.

YES, You Will Change the World, the ultimate online platform for experts, authors & thought leaders dedicated to mentoring & sharing is sponsoring the ANNUAL MASTERMIND. Committed to expanding your BOX & making you step out of it we bring you the ultimate “ESCAPE ROOM ADVENTURE”.

  • 12 teams.
  • 63 people.
  • Prizes and bragging rights.
  • Teams selected at random.
  • Rooms assigned at venue.
  • You MUST be a participant of the mastermind.
Sign ups begin Monday MARCH 21st 2016 for attendees ONLY. We will be bringing in author Joe Frazzetti of “Master or Servant” to autograph books and share “The Four Rules of the Mind”, perfect & necessary for this adventure.