Speaker Training: Be the Speaker Who Owns the Room
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Speaker Training: Be the Speaker Who Owns the Room



Speaker Training: Be the Speaker Who Owns the Room

Course Description

Over the years we’ve all seen speakers take the stage, and we anticipate what they may be sharing with us. Within moments we are either engaged and listening, or we’re bored and playing with our electronic devices and thinking about something else. What is that “secret sauce” gifted speakers possess that grabs and holds the attention of their audience and propels that same audience to want to purchase whatever that speaker is selling?

I’ve been a successful public speaker for over twenty years, and have spoken for HR, Corporate, Law Associations, Business Women’s Groups, Entrepreneurial Association, Colleges and Universities, Non-Profits and a host of others. I know what it takes to be a successful speaker, own the room, and move my products. This online course will reveal million Dollar Presenter secrets that you can apply to your own speaking that will make you a sought-after, desirable speaker- one who can charge excellent money for speeches, and one who sells thousands of dollars of products after your speech. Come join me! This is a class you don’t want to miss.

Who is this course perfect for?

anyone who wants to:

  • become a sought-after speaker
  • own a room
  • engage their audience
  • sell products that coincide with speech
  • create a power brand

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Open-minded individuals
  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper/notebook
  • Speakers/headphones

What you'll get from this course?

You will end this course with:



   Lesson 1:    Open the Door to Million Dollar Presenter Opportunities - Create the Speech Your Audience Wants

   Lesson 2:    The Speech Blueprint - Create and Build Your Million Dollar Presenter Speech

   Lesson 3:    Always Move Your Audience Up - The Sample Escalator Link Speech

   Lesson 4:    Always Move Your Audience Up - The Same Escalator Link Speed Conclusion

   Lesson 5:    Speaker Fees VS Back of the Room Sales - Finding Your Sweet Spot

   Lesson 6:    First Impressions - Solidify Your Million Dollar Brand

   Lesson 7:    The Power of Your Wardrobe - Don't Let the Wrong Colors and Accessories Destroy Your Million Dollar Brand

   Lesson 8:    Color Equals Power - Let's Create Your Power Brand

   Lesson 9:    Accessorizing Your Million-Dollar Presenter Brand

   Lesson 10:    Let's Put It All Together - The Personal Presentation Summary for the Million-Dollar Presenter

   Lesson 11:    Million-Dollar Presenters ALWAYS Own the Room. Learn How!

   Lesson 12:    Body Language Tells the WHOLE Story Anchor - Your Million Dollar Presenter Status

   Lesson 13:    Power Projection for the Million-Dollar Presenter - Learn to Control Your Voice

   Lesson 14:    The Importance of Voice And Diction for the Million-Dollar Presenter

   Lesson 15:    My Secret Weapon For Fearless Speaking - The Ear Piece and HOW to Use It