The Sexy Anti-Aging Life
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The Sexy Anti-Aging Life



The Sexy Anti-Aging Life

Course Description

In this course, Nikki Stewart gives you proven strategies to “reverse the toll that time is taking on your mind, your body, and your emotions.” Spread out over 6 sections, you will learn the best strategies to start looking and feeling younger than you actually are. Focusing on food, exercise, and positive thinking, this course is proven to help you learn how to be the best you can be. Sign up today and start your sexy anti-aging life!

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn!
  • People who want to better themselves through learning.
  • Individuals who have a strong desire to invest in themselves and their future.

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • You need a computer, the Internet, and speakers so you can hear the lessons. If you're a super student, then grab a pen and paper to take notes.

What you'll get from this course?

  • You will learn The Sexy Anti-Aging Life and become a rockstar! You'll have access to hours of quality content, online resources, and much more.



   Lesson 1:    Welcome

Is Your Story Up To This Point, The Road Most Traveled?

   Lesson 2:    Intro

   Lesson 3:    The Power Within - What’s Your Story?

   Lesson 4:    What Are Your Goals To Look Good and Feel Sexy?

   Lesson 5:    Simple Steps To Success - Achieving Your Goals

Using Food As Your Anti-Aging Medicine

   Lesson 6:    Intro

   Lesson 7:    Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

   Lesson 8:    What You Eat Is Controlling Your Destiny - What Path Are You On?

   Lesson 9:    Stop Using the “Twinkie Defense”!

   Lesson 10:    Is Food Controlling You?

   Lesson 11:    What Are the Thoughts Your Mind Is Feasting On?

5 Proven Strategies To Your Anti-Aging Lifestyle

   Lesson 12:    Intro

   Lesson 13:    1st Key Strategy - Key To Organizing Your Daily Habits

   Lesson 14:    2nd Key Strategy - Stop Tossing and Turning and Get Some Sleep!

   Lesson 15:    3rd Key Strategy - Stop the Root Cause of Aging In It’s Tracks

   Lesson 16:    4th Key Strategy - THE Missing Link In Most Anti-Aging Programs

   Lesson 17:    5th Key Strategy - Hormone-Balancing Diet

   Lesson 18:    6th BONUS Key Strategy - How Stress Causes Gray Hair & Wrinkles

The Secrets Of Anti-Aging Food As Medicine

   Lesson 19:    Intro

   Lesson 20:    How Badly Do You Want It?

   Lesson 21:    Get Started - Truth About What Foods Age You

   Lesson 22:    Take Inventory - What’s In Your Pantry?

   Lesson 23:    Let’s Have Some Fun!

Sexy Steps To The Anti-Aging Life Formula

   Lesson 24:    Intro

   Lesson 25:    THREE “Musts” of the Anti-Aging Foundation - How To Feel Sexy Everyday: HYDRATION

   Lesson 26:    THREE “Musts” of the Anti-Aging Foundation - How To Feel Sexy Everyday: BEAUTIFUL SKIN FROM THE INSIDE

   Lesson 27:    THREE “Musts” of the Anti-Aging Foundation - How To Feel Sexy Everyday: CREATING A SEXY, SHARP MIND

   Lesson 28:    Sexy Is How You Feel - Are Your Emotions Aging You?

   Lesson 29:    Is Your Beauty Regimen Slowing Your Aging? Or Is It Just Good Marketing?

   Lesson 30:    The Best Anti-Aging Moves

3 Secrets To Consistently Upgrade Your Life

   Lesson 31:    Intro

   Lesson 32:    Kick It Up A Notch - Creating Sexy, Fun Rituals

   Lesson 33:    Step Out Of The Box Into Your Sexy New Lifestyle

   Lesson 34:    Meditation


   Lesson 35:    Alkalinity

   Lesson 36:    Creating Sound, Sacred Space In The Home

   Lesson 37:    Using Sunscreens