7 Steps to Getting Back in Touch and Repurposing your Core Values to Enlighten your Life.
by: Sarah Marshank

Ignite Your Spirit: 7 Lessons To Upcycle Your Soul



Ignite Your Spirit: 7 Lessons To Upcycle Your Soul

Course Description

If you are on a spiritual path, as I am, I’m guessing you have had your precious time wasted on courses and gurus that have disappointed or misled you.

In my early search for clarity and balance for my messy life, I too have been physically and spiritually misguided. Eventually I found my way to some of the finest mentors in the world, experts who have helped millions. After a decade working with these wise teachers, I have distilled their guidance into Seven Steps that constitute a strong and clear path to reorganizing life to avoid suffering. The Seven Steps demonstrate a simple way to get back in touch with our core values and an efficient, commonsense approach to enlightening our life.

The Seven Steps are not unique; they are universal. They are perfect for this moment in our lives – the moment when we recognize that IT IS TIME.

The Seven Steps are currently available only here on You Will Change the World. I am ready to share these Seven Steps with you. I know this is personal to you, and it is personal to me ... I am here for us both.

Who is this course perfect for?

If you are a woman, or if you know a woman, who would like to shed the old and try on the new, this will be a safe and rewarding start. Everyone who participates will receive something major from experience: a community, a commitment, and a course designed to be safe and to help us all to become stronger, clearer, wiser, and more completely and magnificently human. Examples of women who will particularly benefit from encountering the Seven Steps include:

•  Those seeking enlightenment because they are tired of living in guilt and fear.

•  Those going through a struggle with their own identity.

•  Those ready to change or grow and shed their past.

•  Those who have been misguided and are ready to open up again.

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Viewing Device
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paper
  • Headphones/Speakers
  • Open Mind

What you'll get from this course?

A repurposed YOU! It is that simple. After taking this course you will be excited about your life. Clarity never felt so good. Acceptance now allows and encourages you to recognize and develop your strengths. Your intuition is open and your life journey is exciting again.



   Lesson 1:    It's Time for You to Be Selfish

   Lesson 2:    It's Time for a New Blueprint

   Lesson 3:    Body, Mind, Spirit!

   Lesson 4:    Keep it Light and Make it Fun!

   Lesson 5:    Share Your Self

   Lesson 6:    You're Not Alone

   Lesson 7:    Join the Journey