Stop Suffering, Build Your Life Again
by: Ross Remien

ALL IN: Your Journey Begins Here!



ALL IN: Your Journey Begins Here!

Course Description


Here is what Lisa B has to say:

"Ross has helped me regain control of my life. For years I was living in a personal hell. I looked for help all over. His process was so easy and he helped me realize that all the answers that I was looking for, were right under my nose. For years I kept looking for my solutions to my problems in all the wrong areas. Ross helped me overcome my demons and now I wake up everyday feeling mentally lighter and happier."

Thank you Ross for all your help. Lisa B

This course is THE NON-traditional, NON-textbook look at how to change YOUR LIFE in sobriety. We isolate the difference between physical sobriety and emotional sobriety and then teach you how that looks and feels so you can stay in emotional sobriety by CHOICE.

Once this happened, my life changed and yours will TOO! There is no need to hide when you own yourself and your own journey. YOU WILL FEEL Lighter …. Your eyes will be clearer. You will shed the old skin of addiction and actually feel lighter. The tremendous weight on your shoulders will be lifted when the switch in your head and soul allow all suggestions to move through you. Letting your guard down will let the sunshine in. A soul looks and feels lighter when they get rid of the baggage that led them to become addicted in the first place.

Here is what Tyler S has to share:

"Ross taught me to cope and manage my life while being sober. I’ve learned how to build healthy relationships, be an adult, deal with certain anger issues, my anxiety, and most of all how to carry myself like a true authentic human being. I ‘m able today to just look at the small things in my life now that I’m grateful for and just be happy and not have to think about using to numb myself to forget."

My life today is more fulfilling and real than I could have ever dreamed. Tyler


That is right if you are looking for a traditional 12 step program you will not find it here. 12 step programs are fine but this is something different. This course is designed for YOU to take control of your life. For you to look at life differently in a way that will empower your independence and understand your interdependence. Here we will not allow excuses and we will not create them for you in advance. When you take this journey we will prepare you for "The Great Outdoors" and what that means is that you will have take the first step to learning how to deal with life. This course is not polite and neither is what you are going through.

Who is this course perfect for?


Now that you are looking to change lets make the decision to step forward  together, NOW! nothing will change until you decide to take action and change it. I know I was morre powerful than what the world experienced of me. But Now I am ready to take control of my life today and that starts with finding the support system that will work.


If you do not do the work you will not get the results, period. You need to do this and there is no other way. BUT there are things we will teach and share that will CERTAINLY make a difference in your recovery, and your ability to build the life you deserve.


Stop coping and start thriving. Yes your goal needs to be bigger then getting through the day, that might be where we start but it will not be where you end. Lesson by Lesson you will feel yourself ggrowing and getting stronger. Each minute of focus will allow you to become more powerful as we teach you to thrive.

Here is what Ingrid w shared:

"Ross helped me with my spirituality and the way I look at life. I’m very thankful for taking this step. He saved my life, and without what I learned I would be dead or in jail. 90 days—and still counting."

Thanks you Ross. Ingrid

What's the requirement to take this course?


Nothing will happen, change, shift, be created, discovered, cured, or end UNTIL you believe it can it should and it must. You need an open mind, period. I went through multiple centers multiple times using multiple methods and nothing worked UNTIL IT DID. The difference was "I decided" and it was then that things started to shift. This is an invitation to get started now.

What you'll get from this course?


So we know it is up to you and we know that you want to change the direction of your life. AWESOME I want to be ther for that, and now you have to start. Take this course, it will not be the only step but it will be a great start. Have your family take this course, they need to be part of the process and more importantly understand the journey. When you are done TAKE IT AGAIN and tak it again and take it again. Make this your must and your life will change.



   Lesson 1:    Recovering Your True Self through Physical Actions

   Lesson 2:    How to Get Started: Moving Forward in Sobriety

   Lesson 3:    Getting Rid of Childish Needs and Urges

   Lesson 4:    Stop Taking Things Personally

   Lesson 5:    Finding Your Core Foundation

   Lesson 6:    Relapse Symptoms

   Lesson 7:    Fatal and Absolute Dependencies

   Lesson 8:    Avoidance

   Lesson 9:    Being "Esteemable"

   Lesson 10:    Which Mind is This?

   Lesson 11:    Emotional Sobriety

   Lesson 12:    Living a “True” Life

   Lesson 13:    Go with the Flow