How to Insta 101
by: Quinn Slocum

How to Insta 101



How to Insta 101

Course Description

Pick up where you left off in Intro to Insta 101 and dive deeper into the fundamentals of creating Instagram stardom!

Discover how to build your brand and following on Instagram with Quinn Slocum, a child prodigy and Instagram Superstar. Study how to portray yourself on the web and have a stronger web presence. Take the first steps to becoming an Instagram star today!

Since 2005, the internet fell in love with social media. Myspace came in like a storm. Myspace offered a lot of features. It gave users the freedom to customize their page and express themselves, which usually turned into a camel of effects and loud long playlists. Facebook became king around 2008 by focusing on communication and not page customization. All the pages were the same, however your friends would talk with you more. This gives you a boost of confidence either way.

A lot has changed since 2008... There social media evolved for the better user experience all around, and that evolution birthed many other platforms that fill their own little niche.

Instagram started in 2010, and was ultimately bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion dollars. As of September 2017, Instagram has 800 million active users on the platform monthly, and up to 500 million daily. This app has a little leg up over its competitor, Snapchat, and is still growing. It entrusts the user many choices on how to display your instant captures of your genuine life. Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing platform that allows you to stack a back stage look into your life, your process. Instagram has integrated video and stories as well, which are quickly climbing in active users and popularity. You can also make your account private, change your avatar, like other people's posts, connect with your friends, keep up with the latest trends, follow your favorite celebrities, get a quick laugh all through pictures, .gifs, videos, and the comments... seriously some of the comments are hilarious! With all this, Instagram is a great tool for any person or business because it gives you a window to display your personality and get a candid look at your life.

With this powerful social media platform, many people have made a living off of the content that they post. Today Quinn Slocum will teach you how to grow you brand, and your following through Instagram. One of his many platforms has 2.4 million followers, and with all of his accounts, he earns well into the 6 figures. Remember that Quinn is only 17 and still in high school. Quinn sees kids in class all the time looking at his page. He created @bestcelebrations because was inspired by the Odell Beckham Jr Best Catch of 2014, and quite possibly the best catch of all time. Since then, Quinn Slocum has developed into an Instagram superstar!

Quinn will walk you through his workflow of how he would create an account on Instagram and how to start exponentially growing your audience. He will lay down the foundation of picking your name or buying a name, choosing a theme, picking your niche, what to post, how to post, hash tags, how to hide hash tags, logo, bio, and avatar picture.

He also goes in depth about content creation, content curation, and content collaboration. Quinn explains the relationship with content curators and creators. He will go over signatures and strengthening your brand through your social media. He teaches you how to stay true to your theme, and stay original.

Learn how you can become a better story teller on your social media. Learn how to evolve with your following and keep you following and extend the life expectancy of your account and brand. Learn how to post viral content and to keep up with trends. Quinn even goes over how to get on the explore page! Learn about shout outs, who to get shout outs from, and what time to buy shout outs. Also discover how you can make extra cash with shouting others out!

After taking this course, you will be ready to build your Instagram account from 200 to 200k in no time! If you use all of these tips and stay consistent on your Instagram, you too can become an Instagram superstar.

The best part about this course is a lot of the core concepts conveyed in this course can be translated to other social media platforms and marketing as well!

If you were ever wondering how professional social media admin, these are the secrets you need to take your social media to the next level.

Don't waste your time searching for all the information, or jumble around trying to figure things out. Don't ever have the frustration of wondering what to post and how to promote it properly. You don't need to be left in the dark about these social media secrets.

Enroll today and start working towards your dreams, and solidify your brand now!

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Creatives
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Marketing
  • Social Media

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Internet Connection
  • Viewing Platform
  • Writing Utensils

What you'll get from this course?

  • Gain Marketing Skills
  • More Creative Thinking
  • Professional Instagram Skills
  • High Social Status
  • Stronger Web Presence
  • More Likes
  • More Followers



   Lesson 4:    The Art of Insta

   Lesson 5:    Turning Likes into $$$

   Lesson 6:    Growing and Keeping Your Audience

   Lesson 7:    Choosing a Username

   Lesson 8:    How to Buy a Username

   Lesson 9:    Create vs Curate

   Lesson 10:    What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Creators

   Lesson 11:    Built to Last

   Lesson 12:    Compelling Content

   Lesson 13:    Steps to Creating Good Content

   Lesson 14:    The Two Types of Content that Go Viral

   Lesson 15:    Digging for Gold

   Lesson 16:    Using Shout outs

   Lesson 17:    Shoutouts are the Way to Success

   Lesson 18:    Buying Shoutouts

   Lesson 19:    Free Shoutouts

   Lesson 20:    Getting Traction

   Lesson 21:    Maintain Activity!

   Lesson 22:    Growing Your Instagram

   Lesson 23:    Be Everywhere

   Lesson 24:    Engaging Your Followers

   Lesson 25:    Watching it Grow!