How To Write A Better Bio
by: Paul Talbot

How To Write A Better Bio



How To Write A Better Bio

Course Description

Put Your Best Foot Forward: How To Write A Better Bio!

In this course you will have access to 19 different lessons where you will learn explore ways to add vitality, enthusiasm, vibrancy, and life into your bio. As well as how to attract the type of crowd you desire. Tune into this course and find out YOUR ability to communicate yourself through the world of bios.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Those needing assistance with bios
  • Anyone who has the desire to learn
  • Anyone who wants to better themselves
  • Individuals with a strong desire to invest in themselves and their futures

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Good energy and open mind!
  • Computer or laptop wth internet
  • Speakers to hear the lessons
  • If you are a SUPER student, grab a pen and note pad for notes!

What you'll get from this course?

You will learn how to write a better bio and become a rockstar! You'll have access to hours of quality content, online resources, and much more!


Planning and Preparation

   Lesson 1:    The Goal Of Your Bio

   Lesson 2:    Understand Why Writing Your Bio Can Be Such A Challenge

   Lesson 2:    Understand Why Writing Your Bio Can Be Such A Challenge

   Lesson 3:    Always Remember Who You Are Writing To

   Lesson 4:    Determine How You'll Achieve The 4 Ultimate Goals Of Your Bio

   Lesson 5:    Write To Solve The Bio Equation

The Writing

   Lesson 6:    Model One of These 3 Sentences To Start Writing Your Bio

   Lesson 7:    Tailor The Structure Of Your Bio To Fit Your Goals

   Lesson 8:    How To Make Sure You Strike The Right Tone

   Lesson 9:    Write To Create A Deep Connection

   Lesson 10:    The Missing Ingredient Most Bios Overlook

   Lesson 11:    Anticipate Questions And Answer Them

   Lesson 12:    What To Do If You Are Just Starting Off And Lack An Impressive Track Record

   Lesson 13:    The Length Of Your Bio

   Lesson 14:    Tell Deliberate Stories

More Best Practices

   Lesson 15:    Seven Best Practice Secrets Revealed

   Lesson 16:    Weave In Key Phrases And High Impact Words

   Lesson 17:    Go On A Hunt for Clich├ęs And Worn Out Phrases

   Lesson 18:    Apply A Final Coat Of Polish

   Lesson 19:    The Final Check: Make Sure You Have Solved The Bio Equation