Make Every Sale Course Including The B.E.T.R. Course
by: Wes Schaeffer

Make Every Sale Course Including The B.E.T.R. Course



Make Every Sale Course Including The B.E.T.R. Course

Course Description

This is the signature course of Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®. It is a culmination of the leadership, persuasion, and planning skills he learned during his nine years in the military along with the 20+ years he has spent as a successful salesman, sales manager, entrepreneur, speaker, author, podcaster, consultant, copywriter, and doer.

The ideas, concepts, recommendations, and scripts Wes provides are timely, timeless, proven, and still put to effective use today by Wes.

They are honest and sincere, which is why they work. People do not enjoy being manipulated or “closed,” but they like being taken on a journey to a place where they can buy. You will learn how to do that in this course.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • Both committed new salespeople who are wanting to shorten their learning curve and path to prosperity as well as experienced sales people who find themselves in a rut or on a plateau and have a burning desire to learn and apply a fresh perspective on the ageless profession of sales.

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • An open mind, a desire to learn, and the commitment to put into practice the concepts covered in this course.

What you'll get from this course?

  • You will walk away with the knowledge and the skills you need to approach any and all prospecting and sales situations with confidence and clarity, which is ultimately what everyone buys from you every time.



   Lesson 1:    Close Less Sell More

4 Keys to The Profession of Sales

   Lesson 2:    Key 1 & 2

   Lesson 3:    KEY 3 & 4


   Lesson 4:    Creating a Bigger Vision

   Lesson 5:    Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends, & Finance

   Lesson 6:    Pay Yourself First

   Lesson 7:    The Power of Fifteen Minutes

The Benefits of having a System

   Lesson 8:    If it can be measured it can be Improved

   Lesson 9:    Process Before Login “Isolating the Systems that will Grow Your Company”

The A.B.C.D.E. Process to Profits

   Lesson 10:    Attract

   Lesson 11:    Bond

   Lesson 12:    Convert

   Lesson 13:    Deliver

   Lesson 14:    Endear

Developing Personas

   Lesson 15:    How to Connect with Anyone

   Lesson 16:    Meet them where they are, Selling by personality Types & Create your Personas

Time Management

   Lesson 17:    Chunk Time to make Chunks of Cash

   Lesson 18:    The BETR™ Prospecting Flow Chart

The 7 Secrets to Sales Success

   Lesson 19:    Secret 1 & 2 Take dead aim, Understand the value you offer.

   Lesson 20:    Secret 3 & 4 Structure vs Content, Act like the Equal you are

   Lesson 21:    Secret 5 & 6 Assume nothing, Get Comfortable with Money

   Lesson 22:    Secret 7 The Midway Point “Thinking Beyond the Sale”

   Lesson 23:    How to get all the referrals you can handle

   Lesson 24:    How to get an Embarrassing number of Testimonials

   Lesson 25:    Know Your Numbers & Recap the Course

The B.E.T.R Course

   Lesson 26:    Prospecting Flow Chart - Opening

   Lesson 27:    Prospecting Flow Chart - Opening 2

   Lesson 28:    Prospecting Flow Chart - Opening 3

   Lesson 29:    Prospecting Flow Chart - Continuation 4A

   Lesson 30:    Prospecting Flow Chart - The Invitation and Locking Down the Appointment

   Lesson 31:    Prospecting Flow Chart - The Agenda

   Lesson 32:    Prospecting Flow Chart - Conclusion