We CAN-SERVE Together: Thriving Through Cancer
by: Jenny Mulks

We CAN-SERVE Together: Thriving Through Cancer



We CAN-SERVE Together: Thriving Through Cancer

Course Description

Jenny Mulks is a Cancer Coach, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP and Time Line Therapy Practitioner with over 20 years in the medical arena. She has been mentoring adult cancer patients and caregivers since 2007. This course will help you cut through the clutter to begin your cancer journey with a clear vision.

Her very personal journey as a cancer survivor and a caregiver, inspired her to help other patients and caregivers navigate difficult decisions and emotions that a cancer diagnosis requires. By providing insight, valuable resources and education, she helps you create skills needed to be a cancer thriver, not just a cancer survivor.

There is a sea of information on the internet that can lead you to feeling overwhelmed with; layers of truths, myths and misinformation.

Jenny helps improve communication between patients, caregivers and treatment teams. She has walked this journey on both sides, originally given 6 to 12 months to survive.

She wants to ensure that you are not walking this journey alone and that you have the skills to Thrive Through Cancer, Together!

Who is this course perfect for?

This FREE Course is designed to empower and equip anyone impacted by cancer:

  • Cancer patients
  • Caregivers
  • Family and Friends
  • Treatment Teams

An educated, involved, supported and compliant patient and caregiver that works well in communication and interaction with their treatment team, allows a patient to thrive.

These courses will help you establish your unique and individual goals in order to best thrive through cancer.

What's the requirement to take this course?

The only requirements are……

  • Take the first step to enroll in this FREE course
  • Have internet access via any device
  • Be willing to show up for YOURSELF

What you'll get from this course?

By the end of this course you will….

  • Gain focus and feel equipped to make decisions that best serve your role
  • Redefining a cancer diagnosis with strength, determination, courage and hope
  • Shifting from overwhelmed or paralyzed to prepared and purposeful



   Lesson 1:    YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM, You Have Cancer, So Now What?

   Lesson 2:    WHO ARE YOUR HOPE MAKERS? Bringing Your Community Together

   Lesson 3:    How To Tell Family, Kids, Friends & Co-Workers

   Lesson 4:    Organizing Your Mind

   Lesson 5:    Living With, Through And Beyond Cancer