We CAN-SERVE Together: Thriving Through Cancer
by: Jenny Mulks

We CAN-SERVE Together: Thriving Through Cancer



We CAN-SERVE Together: Thriving Through Cancer

Course Description

This course is specifically designed to support and mentor cancer patients and caregivers serving as a liaison between you and your treatment teams. With over 11 years mentoring cancer patients, as both a survivor and caregiver, Jenny Mulks helps patients and caregivers navigate through a vast array of decisions and emotions while providing insight on ways for them to work most effectively with their treatment teams.

Each cancer journey is unique with individual patients goals, involvement, wisdom and intuition. There is a sea of information available on the internet that can lead you to feeling overwhelmed with layers of truths, myths and misinformation along with helpful information. This course will help you cut through the clutter to begin your journey with a clear vision. During this time of transition, Jenny’s guidance will help you to not feel like you are walking this journey alone.

Who is this course perfect for?

Support patients & caregivers in creating the best mental and emotional foundation possible during this new journey to allow your body to respond in the most favorable way to any treatments you receive. An educated, involved, supported and compliant patient & caregiver that works well in communication and interaction with their treatment team, is a patient that will thrive.

These courses will help you establish your individual goals for thriving through cancer.

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • Courage & Perseverance
  • Strength & Determination
  • Grace, Faith & Trust
  • Resilience & Hope
  • Finding a Way Forward
  • Finding Hope
  • Handling Anxiety

What you'll get from this course?

  • Focus: (Inspire to Action)
  • Redefining your Diagnosis
  • Shift your mental state from overwhelmed or paralyzed to prepared & purposeful



   Lesson 1:    STOP: YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM,You Have Cancer, So What!

   Lesson 2:    IDENTIFY THE HOPE MAKERS: Bring Your Community Together

   Lesson 3:    How to Tell Family, Kids, Friends & Co-workers

   Lesson 4:    Organizing Your Mind for Treatment

   Lesson 5:    Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer