Play songs on the Guitar in as little as 12 lessons!
by: Jeff Comas

Learn to PLAY GUITAR for Busy Professionals



Learn to PLAY GUITAR for Busy Professionals

Course Description


You might have thought that you were to busy BUT you are NOT. Learn guitar and have fun, as quickly, and as easily as possible, while working around your busy schedule. YES the Comas Method for playing guitar will change your life in as little as 12 lessons. Jeff Comas has been teaching the guitars to some of nashvilles finest players for almost 30 years. As owner of the Knoxville Academy of Music he is a stones throw away from the best palyers on the planet and can often be seen out jamming with them. NOW it is yourr turn to PLAY GUITAR.


It is as simple as signing up for this easy to use course. In 12 lessons you will learn how to not only play guitar but how to play at least 5 songs that will make you the life of the party. You have been thinking about learning to play for years, and you have never found the time to get to lessons, or get in front of a DVD player.

Learn ONLINE at Your Leisure

Yes you can learn guitar easily ANY TIME you want, take three lessons in a row because you have the time DONE. Take a lesson over and over to really master the song, DONE! Yes you can skip lessons (we do not recoment that but you could) or postpone them a day or two BECAUSE YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Referesh your skills whenever you want ... done!

Who is this course perfect for?

You have waited to long, SO THIS IS FOR YOU!

Yes this is for you Right NOW! you have been making excuses and postponing learnign to play the guitar for far to long. WELL now is the time to pick it up and start making music. it is so much simpler than you think and you could be playing songs tomorrow, but you need to get started TODAY!

  • Student or Executive who wants to learn how to play easily on their own time
  • Procrastinator
  • Air Guitarist who wants to be legit
  • Beginner Guitarist
  • Intermediate Guitarist


You can take this course for under 100 dollars NOW. By Signing up today you will save over 300 dollars on the regular price of this course. Normally we sell this course for 20-400 dollars and it is the same winning method Jeff Comas has used to train 1000's of guitar players over the last 20 years as owner of the Knoxville Academy of Music. he has also shared the Comas Method with many main stream teachers who share it weekly with their students to GET THEM PLAING FAST.


NO not play the song quickly but "learn to play songs" ont the guitar fast. Save time and get going quickly. We know your time is valuable and we want to make sure that you are enjoying the guitar as soon as possible. Creating memroies and singing and playing songs with friends or in a band. you will absolutely love palying the guitar with confidence.

What's the requirement to take this course?


  • Headphones
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Paper
  • Video Camera
  • Guitar
  • Pick


Start playing today and let us know how much you love it. The only thing that will change is YOU & EVERYTHING. yes everything will change whe you become a musician. Imagine how cool it will be to take out a guitar and start playing a song, learn a new song, write your own song. How realxing will it be? how accomplished will you feel? If the only thing you ever learned was to sing Happy birthday to your kids on their birthday what would that be worth? What if you surprised your girlfriend with a song, would that be cool, would that make this worth it? Of course everyone has their own reason to play, make yours epic.

What you'll get from this course?

YES YOU WILL be Playing Songs by the end of the Week

Thats right if you start now you can be playing songs with a little practice byt the end of the week. Not in a month, not in six months or a year but if you practice and take the lessons you can play a song by the end of the week. Let's get started NOW!

  • Pick Handling
  • Strumming
  • Sound Dynamics
  • Sharp vs. Flat
  • Strings, Notes, and Octaves
  • Chord Progression



   Lesson 1:    I'm a Rhythm Master

   Lesson 2:    E Z (Chords)

   Lesson 3:    The Keys to The Kingdom

   Lesson 4:    Three Amazing Chords

   Lesson 5:    It's a Minor Thing

   Lesson 6:    Break it up

   Lesson 7:    That 50's Thing

   Lesson 8:    Transformers

   Lesson 9:    The House

   Lesson 10:    Cowboy

   Lesson 11:    Coconut

   Lesson 12:    Happy Birthday