Become a Big Money Host
by: John Burke

Become a Big Money Host



Become a Big Money Host

Course Description

This $399.00 ($297.00 for a limited time!) course Become a Big Money TV Host contains information you’ll find nowhere else, such as:

  • Finding out how people see you on screen and how to use it.
  • Avoiding the biggest mistake in the business of hosting.
  • Vulnerability is your greatest strength. And it’s easy to show.
  • Handling props and communicating with the crew DURING the broadcast.
  • What you should be doing the moment before you go live.
  • The preinterview…yes or no?
  • Directors vs producers
  • Handling “the rambler.”
  • Take the guesswork out of every segment. Everytime.
  • Preparing for an audition
  • Nailing the audition (what very few people know)
  • Teleprompter tips
  • Handling celebrities
  • How to get started….it’s easier than ever.
  • Interviews with top agents
  • How to get a reel
  • Interviews with top hosts
  • LOTS of demonstrations
  • Making your segments bulletproof
  • And more

This course contains more than just lectures. Two time Emmy award winning host John Burke actually demonstrates the hidden subtle techniques that makes great hosting look easy. What you see is what John uses to this day in his work and why he has lasted so long and had such a varied and exciting career. Also included in this course are interviews with top hosts like Roger Lodge (Blind Date, Talk Soup and currently pregame host for Anaheim Angels) as well as top agents like Paul Barrutia of Commercial Talent Agency in Los Angeles.

Who is this course perfect for?

  • This course is perfect, in fact, necessary for anyone who wants and or needs to raise his or her on camera spokesperson techniques.

What's the requirement to take this course?

  • A desire to be really good on camera (better than most) along with a curious nature is a requirement for this course. A desire for a life full of adventure and big money will accelerate the success of the student who takes this class.

What you'll get from this course?

  • Insights will be provided that will immediately raise the talent level and confidence of the student. With this information and some practice, the student becomes a polished host who is ready to begin auditioning and working on TV upon completion of this simple course.



   Lesson 1:    Introduction

   Lesson 2:    Being You

   Lesson 3:    Taking the Guess Work Out of Hosting

   Lesson 4:    Listening

   Lesson 5:    Not Listening

   Lesson 6:    Transitions

   Lesson 7:    Vulnerability

   Lesson 8:    Interview with Shannon O’Dowd

   Lesson 9:    Teleprompter

   Lesson 10:    The Rambler

   Lesson 11:    The Pre-Interview

   Lesson 12:    Interviewing Celebrities

   Lesson 13:    Interview With Roger Lodge

   Lesson 14:    Handling Props

   Lesson 15:    The Moment Before

   Lesson 16:    Directors/Producers

   Lesson 17:    Blair Taylor Interview

   Lesson 18:    How do I get Footage?

   Lesson 19:    Winning the Audition - Part 1

   Lesson 20:    Winning the Audition - Part 2

   Lesson 21:    Paul Barrutia Interview

   Lesson 22:    Regrets